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Is there something you long to express, be witnessed as, open to, delight in, celebrate, step into? Is there a veiled part of you that you’re now ready to see? Is there a story you want to rewrite? Is there a new level of permission & freedom you want to feel? Are you ready to see that you being you, just as you are, is so much more than enough?

Our journey home involves embracing all aspects of who we are – our voice, body, sensuality, beauty, vulnerability, power, courage, depth, softness, fierceness, wisdom, & even the little girl silenced so long ago.

In your portrait journey we’ll do this together by creating a space of expression, transformation, and celebration that’s held with acceptance and permission. We’ll set aside limitations like propriety, “should”, comparison, and the critical view of ourselves we’ve inherited and open the space as a ritual that’s held in the spirit of self-love. With this intention and openness in place, the aspects of yourself that are ready to step into the light will shine through so you can experience a more complete embodiment and reflection of who you are.

I want you to know more fully the parts of you that soar above mountains, journey between worlds, radiate with sensuality, and live without apology. It’s time to feel the joyous release of the old trappings as you weave lost parts of your spirit back into the fabric of who you are. Your photos will bring forth your full radiance, inspiring in you the confidence to spread your wings of self more widely. This process will also initiate you into a movement of courageous women awakening themselves and, in sharing their light and wisdom with the world, creating a ripple effect that is awakening others.

So I ask you: Why is this a meaningful thing for you to do at this time? If you feel called, say yes. I so look forward to sharing in this soul journey with you.


“When I received the photos from Robin I sat jaw dropped in front of the computer. I was in complete disbelief that the immense beauty, radiance and softness I was looking at was me. Feelings of elation, joy, love and peace spread throughout my body. It was a truly transformational moment where the ‘story’ of me was re-written. Every belief and judgment I held about what I lacked, from beauty, to love, to tenderness dissolved into the softness I created for myself… in one moment, where I gazed at myself, with only love in my heart.” – Erin , West LA, CA



The process begins with the intention and desire that makes you feel a yes. This is the seed. To bring it into form, I’ll send you a questionnaire that will have you make a vision board on Pinterest and answer some soul-searching questions that will assist you in getting crystal clear about your intention and goals. If you’re clear now, great. If you feel a yes, a calling, but can’t quite put it into words yet, that’s ok – by the time you’ve walked through this questionnaire you’ll be clear.

About 10 days before your shoot we’ll meet on a Skype video session, go over what you wrote, and bring your ideas to life. On the day of your shoot we’ll meet at the location you’ve chosen – either a beautiful and private place in nature you feel a strong connection to or your home. We’ll open the space with a meditation to ground, anchor your intention into your body, and strengthen your ability to hear your body and intuition guide you.


From there, we step into the mystery, allow the muse to guide us, and let the photo shoot unfold from there. This is the journey. I can’t say what exactly will happen, only that after doing this over 100 times, every single time I’m blown away at the magic that unfolds, the beauty that’s expressed, the teaching the experience provides, the layers that are peeled back, the stories of self that are rewritten, the celebration that happens, and the gorgeous, soul-honoring images that are created. And, while we’re very much stepping into the mystery, we’re also working together every step of the way and I will collaborate with you with love, grace, and humor to bring your best self forward and your intentions to life.

About two weeks after your shoot we’ll meet online again via Skype video and close the space we opened by having a photo viewing session where we’ll walk and talk through the photos and your experience together. Following this, I’ll send you an email with a link to an beautiful online viewing gallery of your photos and a zip file to download all your high-rez images to your computer.

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Robin2-250“Such a gifted photographer! Robin deeply understands how to create a safe space that allows for her subjects to reveal their vibrant, amazing, true self. The experience truly begins well before the shoot, the consultation process is so important. Having a photo shoot with Robin really changed the way I view myself AND as a result, changed the way I connect with the world. I cried when I first saw my photos from our shoot, they were soooooo beautiful! Every woman needs to feel this way and I can highly recommend that you embark on the journey that will unfold upon your booking Robin to photograph you!”
Robin, Pasadena, CA

Megan-250“To be apart of something as beautiful as this, celebrating women’s sensuality, was a lifetime moment. And, being able to show up in such an uncensored way was an absolute pleasure and catalyst moving me across a threshold onto the next evolution of growth. Working with Robin is powerful, there’s no doubt, and there is always a deeper meaning. I challenge you to view yourself with her enlightened guidance if you feel even remotely called. Working with a physical medium such as photographs, you will have the tangible proof of your moment, weather realized by you in that moment or not, Robin will be there to capture it for you, in ways you never even thought to witness before.”
– M, San Bruno, CA

J3-250“Robin is a truly gifted photographer in so many ways! Having been a model herself, she knows how vulnerable it can be to be in front of a camera. I felt her with me every step of the way, coaching me gently to let go of tension and relax. I have never felt so comfortable in front of a camera before! She also brings in her experience as a life coach and brings in the depth of what it is to ‘be seen’ and guides a beautiful journey of self-acceptance and love. It was more than a photo shoot, it was such a deeply inspiring journey into finding my own self-expression and self-love. Worth more than many hours of therapy and with a beautiful photo shoot to show for it! I cannot recommend Robin enough! She is truly gifted!”
– J, Oakland, CA