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This is not a glamour photo shoot.

It’s not about your makeup or hair.
It’s not about posing.
It’s not about emulating or comparing yourself to any of society’s beauty standards.
It’s not about trying to look hot.
It’s not about skin smoothing or Photoshop.

This is a journey of self-love.

It’s an experience of celebrating, surrendering to, and delighting in your sensuality.

It’s an opportunity to capture and reflect your spirit in true, raw, and wonderful ways so you can fully embrace your female form and find beauty in every part of you.

Held as a ritual and set with intention, you’ll enter into a journey of opening with yourself to embody your most authentic self. You’ll connect deeply with your body, explore different sides of your being, and allow un-lived aspects to come alive. Through this, the woman you truly are under who you were taught to be will shine through so you can experience a more complete embodiment of the magnificent woman you are.

What you discover and reclaim through this process will boost your feeling of empowerment, helping you to move forward in your life with more of your essence engaged. You’ll walk away feeling greater connection to your power, trusting of your inner knowing, courageous in your self expression, appreciative of your body, aligned with your creative-sexual life force, and grounded in acceptance for the woman that you are.

The tangible gift of your experience is an amazing collection of photos that will allow you to see your soul in manifest form. Your photos, which will be color enhanced but not Photoshopped at all, will shine with intention, radiating the light of your spirit that isn’t always visible to yourself.

This process will also initiate you into a movement of courageous women awakening themselves and, in sharing their light and wisdom with the world, creating a ripple effect that is awakening others.


“When I received the photos from Robin I sat jaw dropped in front of the computer. I was in complete disbelief that the immense beauty, radiance and softness I was looking at was me. Feelings of elation, joy, love and peace spread throughout my body. It was a truly transformational moment where the ‘story’ of me was re-written. Every belief and judgment I held about what I lacked, from beauty, to love, to tenderness dissolved into the softness I created for myself… in one moment, where I gazed at myself, with only love in my heart.” – Erin , West LA, CA



1. Preparation. You’ll begin your journey by receiving an in-depth journaling exercise that will guide you to clarify your intentions, land on why this is important to you, explore any fears that are present, and define what you want to call in, heal, integrate, or celebrate by doing this.

2. Visualize. As your intention becomes clear, you’ll create a visual representation of your desires on Pinterest. This will help you further articulate what your soul wants to express. It will also help me “see” what you see so I can co-create an experience and photos that match your intention.

3. Soul-manifestation. In-depth video coaching session to peel back the layers of your process so your portrait journey can be even more potent. Here we’ll: explore what your soul desires through having this experience, look at inhibiting beliefs or attitudes you’ve inherited, let go of what’s ready to be released to create more permission to truly be and express yourself, clarify what you want to call into your life through this process and how this experience can tangibly support you to do this.

4. Physical prep. Photo shoot video call to clarify details and logistics, as well as how to care for yourself and prepare for the shoot.

5. Photo Ceremony. We’ll meet at your most beloved place in nature or your home. We’ll open the space as a ritual, beginning with a meditation and calling in the parts, qualities, or healing in your intention. From there we open to the journey of the photo experience that will take somewhere between 3-5 hours.

6. Integration & celebration. After I process the photos, we’ll have a one hour photo review video session to reap the benefits of the journey, celebrate your beauty and integrate this work into your life moving forward.

7. The Gift. You’ll receive 75 epically gorgeous digital photos of yourself in JPEG format that you’ll enjoy now and for the rest of your life, delivered by email in a zip file.

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Robin2-250“Such a gifted photographer! Robin deeply understands how to create a safe space that allows for her subjects to reveal their vibrant, amazing, true self. The experience truly begins well before the shoot, the consultation process is so important. Having a photo shoot with Robin really changed the way I view myself AND as a result, changed the way I connect with the world. I cried when I first saw my photos from our shoot, they were soooooo beautiful! Every woman needs to feel this way and I can highly recommend that you embark on the journey that will unfold upon your booking Robin to photograph you!”
Robin, Pasadena, CA

Megan-250“To be apart of something as beautiful as this, celebrating women’s sensuality, was a lifetime moment. And, being able to show up in such an uncensored way was an absolute pleasure and catalyst moving me across a threshold onto the next evolution of growth. Working with Robin is powerful, there’s no doubt, and there is always a deeper meaning. I challenge you to view yourself with her enlightened guidance if you feel even remotely called. Working with a physical medium such as photographs, you will have the tangible proof of your moment, weather realized by you in that moment or not, Robin will be there to capture it for you, in ways you never even thought to witness before.”
– M, San Bruno, CA

J3-250“Robin is a truly gifted photographer in so many ways! Having been a model herself, she knows how vulnerable it can be to be in front of a camera. I felt her with me every step of the way, coaching me gently to let go of tension and relax. I have never felt so comfortable in front of a camera before! She also brings in her experience as a life coach and brings in the depth of what it is to ‘be seen’ and guides a beautiful journey of self-acceptance and love. It was more than a photo shoot, it was such a deeply inspiring journey into finding my own self-expression and self-love. Worth more than many hours of therapy and with a beautiful photo shoot to show for it! I cannot recommend Robin enough! She is truly gifted!”
– J, Oakland, CA