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Photo FAQ



What types of photo shoots do you offer?

Portrait Journeys
• Branding Sessions for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses
 Yoga & Dance Sessions 
• Headshots
Family Photography

What’s your process like? 

My process is about collaboration. I want every step of the way to feel like we’re doing something together, which we are. Photo shoots are fun, and they’re also intimate and transformational. My process is designed to get us in sync creatively and personally so we can bring forth an experience and images you love, and have fun doing it.

Depending on the type of shoot you do the process varies slightly, but my overall flow is…

After you book a shoot I’ll send you a questionnaire that includes making a vision board on Pinterest. This will help you get inspired and clarify your intentions and desires for your photo shoot. About a week before your shoot you’ll send me your answers and vision board. We’ll then have a 30-ish minute Skype video call where we’ll “meet” for the first time, go over what you’ve sent me, refine areas that may need some TLC, and clarify details.

On the day of the shoot we’ll work together every step of the way and I’ll guide you with love, grace, and humor to bring your best self forward and your creative vision to life. Within two weeks of your photo shoot I’ll email you to let you know your photos are ready. If you got head shots, I’ll simply send you a zip file of your images. If you purchased any of the portrait packages, we’ll set up a Skype video call where I’ll walk through them with you. Everyone comments that this is a really nice way to complete the photography process. Afterwards I’ll send you an email with a zip file of all your images in it.

I really want great pictures of myself but I feel nervous/awkward/scared having my picture taken.

I think most people feel self-conscious having their picture taken. I certainly do! The process of preparation you’ll go through will help put a lot of your nerves to ease. From there, I have two things to offer.

The first is, photography is a transformational process. In life we generally like to avoid things that make us uncomfortable. But it’s when we walk towards and through what shows up that we have the transformational breakthroughs that give us the confidence we’re truly seeking. In my shoots you don’t have to pretend “it’s all good” if it isn’t. If emotions come up, which they sometimes do, we’ll work with them. And generally when we do, they pass and a new feeling of openness arrives that let’s us drop even more into the creative process than before.

The second is, one of my better traits is I have an abundant sense of humor. Most photo shoots are spent doing a lot of laughing and have ladies walking out saying “that was so much more fun than I thought it would be!” So, it’s entirely possible that any fears you currently have will largely dissipate once we start working together. I can’t promise this, of course, but I’ve heard enough people say this sort of thing now that I can honestly say that it’s not only possible but likely.

What exactly is retouching & how much of it do you do?

The images on my site, and the ones you will receive, are color balanced to look bright and beautiful. Retouching is for instances like when someone wants a blemish removed or dark circles under their eyes lightened. Or, in more extreme circumstance like nearly every image you see in a magazine, body manipulation. I have no qualms about removing a blemish, but I generally don’t do any retouching beyond this unless someone requests it. I’ve taken this stance for two reasons. The first is I believe people are innately beautiful and I know how to work with light in a way that emphasizes the beauty I see so your images simply don’t need retouching. The second is my intention with photography is to create images that help you truly see and accept yourself so if I alter them, then you’re not really seeing you.



Do you require a deposit? How do you handle payment?

To hold your date, I require a $200 deposit. It’s non-refundable, but it is transferable to another date if you get sick and need to reschedule. The balance is due by the date of your photo shoot. I accept cash, checks, and Paypal.

Can I set up scheduled payments?

Yes. If schedule payments make it easier for you to cover the cost, I’m happy to set that up with you. How that works is, once you’ve paid your deposit, I’ll take your cc and set up automatic monthly payments. You can set it for the amount that works for you, with the minimum being $75/mo. I like win-win.

Where will we do our photo shoot? Do I select the location or do you?

Our location options are: outside, your home or a combination of the two. My aim is for you to have images that are unique to you so I have you choose where we’ll meet. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t let it be – the preparation process you’ll go through will get your creative juices flowing and clarify the type of environment(s) you want to be photographed in.

What about hair & makeup?

You have some choices which I’ll preface with saying that my philosophy is the more you look like your everyday self on a day when you’re feeling great, the more your pictures will move you and stand the test of time.

HAIR: You can do it yourself or have it done at your hairdresser or a blow dry bar.

MAKEUP: You can…

• Do it yourself. Many ladies go this route and it works well. I recommend wearing light yet brightening makeup such as a bit of concealer, powder, a pink blush, mascara, and a touch of eyeliner. You can also opt to not wear makeup or wear very little. If you go this route know that chap stick that has a bit of sheen is always a good idea.

• Get it done professionally. You can do this at Sephora, MAC, or hire a professional MUA. Two that I recommend are:

Brittney Barrett

Lena Chavez
415.205.4348 //



Who drives if we meet outside?

That depends on where we’re each coming from and if it makes sense to drive together or meet there. We’ll work this out during your preparation process.

What if I want to do my photo shoot outside & the weather’s bad that day?

If it’s raining or extremely cold or windy the day of your photo shoot we’ll touch base in the morning to either come up with a new location outside that has better weather or we’ll find the soonest possible date to reschedule so you can have your photo shoot in your desired location. That said, if you’re doing a portrait shoot, a foggy day can create beautiful, atmospheric photos so while it may not feel as comfortable as a sunny day, it can be amazing artistically.



How long have you been doing this?

I began photography in May 2012 based on a whim. At that time I thought the idea of photography, which would not leave me alone, seemed like a bad idea because I already had so much going on. I’m so glad I listened to inspiration instead of “logic” and went for it!

That said, learning how to use a camera and work as a photographer began in 2012 however many of the other parts of photography I’ve been doing for 15+ years. From 1993-1997 I worked as a model in D.C., Denver, and then for a quick second in NYC until I decided I’d had enough of that life and let it go. Those years were really informative however and taught me about what it’s like to be photographed, what atmosphere and vibe feels good to work in, lighting, styling, makeup, and how to collaborate with others to bring an expression forward.

From 1998 on I’ve worked in many capacities with women as a counselor and coach and that, more than anything I think, has supported my entry into photography because I so deeply get what women feel and believe about themselves, as well as how much they truly want to feel seen and appreciate for who they are.

Do you work with men?

Yes, I’ve done a variety of men’s business head shot and website sessions. But I work with women much more.

Can I order prints?

I don’t offer prints but I strongly encourage you to get your images printed. Seeing them in print is a really wonderful experience! Shutterfly is a great place to get this done.

Do you travel for shoots?

Yes. I shoot all around the Bay Area and visit LA twice a year for shoots. I’d love to travel to other places for shoots so if you live elsewhere and want to have a photographic experience, please be in touch!