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Holistic Life Coaching for Women

We all want to flourish and thrive. To feel good about who we are. To discover, express, and enjoy our unique gifts. To trust ourselves. To have outstanding relationships. To manifest wonderful experiences. To be elevated by our creativity. To experience well-being.

But this doesn’t happen through pushing what’s uncomfortable down with avoidance, denial, or rationalization and putting on a shiny exterior. It comes from going within, engaging in focused self-inquiry, making the unconscious conscious, releasing what does not serve, cultivating our awareness and true sense of self, befriending ourselves in deeply meaningful ways, and applying this to our daily lives.

Through developing our ability to be present with, accept, and love ourselves, we begin to free ourselves from the trauma, pain, and confusion of the past. The deeper we go into this process, we more we access our innate capacity to heal and the more the stories, roles, personas, and beliefs that have burdened us are revealed and released. Gradually we become freer, lighter, more integrated and whole.

These coaching sessions combine depthful self-inquiry and a variety of cognitive, somatic, and intuitive approaches that will support you to:

•    Become aware of and dis-identify with false beliefs and identities that no longer serve.
•    Expand your capacity to love and have a meaningful relationship with yourself and others.
•    Develop your spiritual awareness, discernment, and intuition and apply this to your life.
•    Cultivate the freedom to be yourself and express your unique gifts.
•    Develop a perspective that takes personal responsibility and focuses on solution.
•    Realize dreams, achieve goals, and live your purpose.
•    Do meaningful and fulfilling work.

“Robin has a keen sense of how to immediately get to the core of what is taking place in her client’s life.
Her guidance helps me to connect with, and live up to my deepest potential, and let go of fear and
doubt, even when they creep up from time to time. A session with her involves work on many levels –
emotional, spiritual, physical – to name a few. I appreciate that she gives a lot of herself personally,
which strengthens our trust, and is a testament to how much she cares about connecting with her
clients.” – Jill, LA, CA


Coaching is about forward movement. It’s about focusing on an area of your life – relationship, creativity, self, your body, business, finances, home, etc. – and doing the work to elevate it to a new level of awareness, expression and fulfillment. Yet forward movement isn’t just about getting something “out there” to change. It’s a balance of applying ourselves differently to our lives to get new results while making internal shifts to become a match for the elevated expression we’re seeking.

My approach is intuitive, holistic, & practical. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to hundreds of people’s stories and experiences over the years and I’ve seen that while true and lasting change is absolutely possible, it’s a byproduct of looking within, making internal shifts, and changing how you’re showing up in life from the inside-out.

My approach focuses on multiple levels – mental, emotional, somatic, & spiritual. Belief informs emotion. Emotion informs behavior. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. What does this add up to? That growth, evolution, empowerment, and healing happen when we address the whole of who we are.

My goal is empowerment. Our time together is about you coming into greater connection with your innate wisdom and power. We have all had experiences and received conditioning that has made us feel less than, afraid, and confused. But this is not who we each are. My goal in working with you is to provide you with tools and insights to assist you in accessing your own knowing so that you can participate in all parts of your life with clarity, confidence, and deep enjoyment.


Coaching sessions are 60 minutes. We’ll meet on the phone or Skype. Or, if you’re in the Bay Area, we can meet in person in Burlingame, CA. 

Sessions are $125/hour.

For the first three months we’ll meet a minimum of twice a month, though I recommend as frequently as you’re able to during that time to create the most support and momentum for your process. From there, you decide how many sessions you want a month (1-4) which you can adjust at any time as your needs shift. Payment for each month’s sessions is due on the 1st of the month through Paypal.

Interested? I offer a free 30 minute session to anyone who’s curious about working together. Book your session here


“I met Robin soon after I was divorced after 18 years of being married. I hit rock bottom and knew in order to heal I needed to do the work. I had no idea where to begin and felt helpless. Robin and I worked together for two and a half years straight and I still see her for check-in’s. She taught me that I had to do the heavy lifting and she would show me what muscles to develop and shed light on where I was feeling stuck. It’s HARD work but so rewarding and I can’t imagine having gone on that journey with anyone else besides her. She is tuned in, intuitive, loving yet honest. Expect to be put in your place and drop all the “stories” – she isn’t someone to go to who will allow you to stay stuck. There is work and homework and through it all, I have transformed and feel healthy, happy and whole due to the fact I had an amazing guide and I was willing to show up and do the work.” – Alexia, San Mateo, CA

“Working with Robin Clark has changed my life. She knows exactly who is (internally) speaking at a given time, and calls on me to take responsibility to speak from the connected, grounded, and loving center that is the true me, the eternal me. I can honestly say that I didn’t even know this person when I first started working with her, and now I not only know her, but I am her, and she is growing more capable every day. Of course I have ups and downs but through my work with Robin, I now also feel resourced to deal with all the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes that before I used to feel victimized by. It is the most empowering conversation that I have ever had.” – Sonya, LA, CA

“Since Robin came into my life, life has changed. You could say that she rocked my world. Her deep connection to Spirit and her deep commitment to clarity altered my perceptions of the reality that I was living in. Since I began working with her, I have begun to understand what living a life of love means. I have begun to see where boundaries, clarity, passion, creativity, connection to oneself and to Spirit, groundedness and deep listening all play an active role in loving; loving myself, loving others and loving life. I am grateful for all of the many gifts that her guidance has brought to me.” – Heather, Venice, CA

“I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned from her. When I first met Robin, I was in a bad place emotionally and psychologically. She helped me be more mindful, understanding, and kind to myself. Her insight and intuition are truly amazing. She has made me work harder than I ever have before, and she has been beyond helpful. I always appreciate her ability to confront me and to push me past my level of comfort. The skills she has taught me will remain with me for the rest of my life, and I will be forever grateful to her. For those that are ready and willing to do the hard work of growth and healing, she is an invaluable resource. I am truly lucky to have met her, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like today if I had not.” – Julia, Burlingame, CA

“I found Robin when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. She immediately became my life raft while I struggled to keep my head above water. I’ve worked with traditional therapists and the experience I’ve had with Robin has been nothing less than life altering. I was open for a direct approach and she supported me in finding my own truth and carving my own path. She taught me how to let go of my victim mentality and take full responsibility for my entire experience. I’ve learned the tools to navigate my life from a place I never imagined I would reach. She is a beautiful, profoudly spiritual soul who has guided me gently but firmly and with laser focus to realize my own strengths, passions and inner power. If you are looking for someone to hold a mirror up for you and teach you how to be powerful and amazing, Robin is your girl.” – Shannon, San Carlos, CA

“Working with Robin has brought grounding to my life in areas that needed it even if I did not realize it. My improvement since working with her is noticeable. Robin is a salt of the earth, to the point, blunt communicator and for me that is just how I like it. I appreciate how she speaks firmly, but gently when it comes to the tough moments and has a world of compassion and patience for all the moments. She celebrates with you and cheers you on. Working with Robin is similar to sitting down with yourself while not having any walls up within yourself; Robin reminds you that you know so much about yourself and your life already. I look forward to our sessions every time I book one and each one is better then the last.” – Krystal, LA, CA

“Robin is a great counselor because she guides me to connect with my own “still small voice within.” She honors the client as the ultimate source of wisdom and helps increase access to the Real parts of us that know Our Truth. Robin’s courage to face “what is” helps me to do the same. I’m very grateful for her support in letting go of patterns that were not serving me! My life path has a lot of zig zags. Robin tracks with me through all of it. Bonus, she’s funny and helps keep perspective on the drama and silliness of Life. She is tapped into the spiritual realms in a very practical healing way, which has added a lot more dimension to our dialogue. Robin has offered great books as resources that opened up my understanding. She provides a wonderful open perspective on sexuality without any agendas or judgment. I have grown and become a better person from my five years of knowing Robin!” – L, LA, CA

“Robin is an amazingly gifted and skilled life coach and counselor with a myriad of techniques, ranging from engaging analogies for illustrating key concepts, to spiritual and intuitive insights and art therapy. While the work is not for the faint of heart, it is exceptionally valuable and the effects are transformational for both life and mindset. If you are looking to recapture the wonderment and love of life that you once had (or have always sought), and are willing to do the work, this is the way home.” – Claudia, San Mateo, CA

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