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robinclark-family_0001My favorite photos from childhood are a mix of intimate, sweet moments where love radiates from the photos and playful, spontaneous moments with “real life” and its silly, quiet, messy expressions coming through.

I carry this mix into photographing loved ones.

Yes, you want photos that show how much you love each other.

But you also want photos of you playing, laughing, dancing, and living life with bright eyes, big grins, and tousled hair.

Family photos are a way to put this moment in your life, that will never be quite the same again, in a time capsule you’ll be able to remember forever.

We can go to the beach, meet at a park, or photograph your family’s life as it currently looks in your house and neighborhood – having tea, playing in the yard, walking to your favorite cafe, cuddling on the sofa, eating ice cream, doing an art project together.

The key here is: relaxed, fun, playful, loving, real.

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