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Brand sessions are an opportunity to take your work, online presence, & the version
of yourself you’re presenting in your professional life to the next level. 

• Are you a creative, artist, healer, therapist, or solopreneur who’s stepping into a new level of your work?
• Do you do good work in the world & want images that express your passion, purpose, depth, & heart?
• Are you rebranding & want photos that capture the fresh energy you’re bringing to your business?

A great site comes alive with beautiful photos that express your brand identity, feel, and values. When the skillful, wise, heart-felt, and relatable person you are shines through in your photos, customers are able to not only see you, but feel you… and that’s when doors open to the opportunities you want to come your way.

But perhaps even more than changing the way your clients and potential clients see you – the experience of doing a brand session and seeing the radiant photos we’ll create together can have a dramatically positive effect on how you see yourself.

In these sessions you are intentionally bringing a new expression of yourself and your work into form and then being witnessed as that. This is a really powerful thing to do! Not only can this elevate your self-concept and the possibilities you see for your life and business, but it can give you a new ground to stand on and operate from that’s aligned with the confident, skilled woman you are.

belindaw_250“I hired Robin to take some new business portraits for my marketing. I wanted photos that positioned me as an authority but also showed my cheeky, fun side. That’s not easy but Robin nailed it. Her process was incredibly thorough. Her questions helped me clarify what I wanted from the images; how they were going to be used and how I wanted people to respond. That preparation meant that we got a lot covered on the day. And it was fun! Robin coached me through some posing and helped me relax. I couldn’t be happier with the results and people have been incredibly complimentary. My new portraits are the cornerstone of my brand.”
– Belinda Weaver,, SF, CA


The preparation process begins with a questionnaire that has you make a vision board on Pinterest and answer some soul-searching questions that will assist you in getting crystal clear about your intention, goals, and what you want your photos to look like and communicate to others. If you’re clear about your vision now, great. If not, have no worries – by the time you’ve walked through this questionnaire you will be.

About 10 days before your shoot we’ll “meet” via a Skype video session, go over what you wrote, and bring your ideas into form. On the day of the shoot we’ll work together every step of the way and I’ll guide you with love, grace, and humor to bring your best self forward and your creative vision to life. Then, about two weeks after your shoot we’ll meet online again via Skype video and close the process by having a photo viewing session where we’ll walk and talk through the photos together. Following this, I’ll send you an email with a link to an beautiful online viewing gallery of your photos and a zip file to download all your high-rez images to your computer.

I’ve been self-employed for over 10 years and truly understand how powerful, exciting, and sometimes vulnerable bringing new versions of yourself forward in your work can feel. Each professional transition I’ve gone through was so much more than simply doing new work. I was evolving spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and mentally and this inner shift catalyzed a new chapter, or expression, of my work.

So not only can I pull from ample personal experience in guiding you, but as a life coach and photographer who specializes in helping women truly hear and see themselves, I will support you in getting clear, feeling prepared, and capturing a collection of images you love.

I’m so excited for the new chapter you’re stepping into. I look forward to collaborating with you soon!

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sefora_250“Robin was absolutely incredible to work with. Not only did she take amazing pictures, she coached me a lot before hand so that the pictures were exactly what I needed. I knew I wanted to revamp my website with great images. I have come to find that I like websites the most when they have really good pictures. Robin helped me identify what kinds of websites I like and she helped me identify what kinds of pictures I wanted for my site and what my preferences for professional pictures were. I had no idea that my preferences were so specific until I started gathering pictures in preparation for our session! The result was that I had over 75 pictures from our session that I liked!! I was blown away! I have never liked that many pictures in a shoot of myself! I have more than I need for my marketing for the next few years.”
– Sefora, Oakland, CA



“Robin’s got it going on! I’ve done 2 shoots with her, one personal and one professional. What I love most about working with Robin is that I feel her commitment to helping me connect with my natural beauty and authentic self expression. She’s both skilled and patient at drawing those qualities out of me and clearly understands the slow process of relaxing and unfolding that is required to capture those jaw-dropping shots. I can’t recommend her enough if you want photos that absolutely light up your heart!”
– Sige Weisman, Oakland, CA



“In gratitude to Robin: Thank you so much for this amazing experience and facilitation of bringing out the depth of beauty within me I didn’t even know existed. This feels like the next level of being for me. This is the woman I’ve been working on becoming, and in one shoot you totally brought her out. It feels amazing to see myself as that future me I’ve been dreaming of! You are incredibly talented and definitely praised by all those who have seen the photos. Your creative genius astounds me!”
– Gemini,, LA, CA