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Hi, I’m Robin. I am a coach & photographer for women.

You know how sometimes you just know? When I was a young girl, I knew I wanted a career that was dedicated to helping others. I needed to feel that my daily efforts were making other people’s lives better. But I’ve also always been equally drawn to the arts and hoped that I could simultaneously become a magical fusion of Ella Fitzgerald during the Harlem Renaissance, every wild, colorful painter at MoMA, the fabulous models of the 90s, a stage dancer, and a more grounded version of Carrie Bradshaw.

There’s wisdom in our childhood and teenage dreams. Early on we know more of our true nature than others may think. So, take these early dreams of mine and add to it moving around the country many times, bunches of elevating and challenging life experiences, a deep focus on self-inquiry, healing, and spiritual development, much time and effort dedicated to the arts, and you have a 37 year old version of what I had once dreamed of – a life that bridges service, healing, empowerment, and creativity.

I am passionate about expression, expansion, and freedom. There are few things that thrill me as much as the elevation that comes from saying yes to our creativity… other than the continually deepening self-realization and empowerment that comes from strengthening our connection to our true selves and innate wisdom.

I believe it’s time for all of us – especially women – to lift the veil that’s had us believing disempowering and limiting stories about ourselves, wake up to who we truly are, and let our lives evolve from a place of greater authenticity and aliveness. I have dedicated my adult life to exploring this path of empowerment and I love sharing with you what I have learned – whether it’s to assist you in your journey of healing in a coaching session, to inspire greater freedom of expression in a photo shoot, or to open your perspective through writing.

For me, an introduction is hardly complete without at least some astrology information. Yes, I am that chick. So if you too derive meaning and insight from this sort of thing – read on. I am a triple Taurus (Sun, Chiron, and Mercury) all in the 5th House with Sagittarius rising and Scorpio Moon in the 12th House. My North Node is in Libra. I am a Projector in Human Design. A Fire Snake. An Artisan-Sage in the Michael System. And an Enneagram type 4.

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Robin Clark is a life coach and photographer for women, teacher, writer, and empowerment-catalyzing inspirationalist. Her soulful and practical approach to personal transformation, spirituality, and creative self-expression – along with her passion to assist in the empowerment of women – has inspired many to dig deeper, open to a greater source of personal power, and live more intentional and courageous lives.

Combining 15 years of working and teaching in the mental health field with her background as an intuitive and intuition development teacher, meditation teacher, women’s workshop leader, model, painter and painting teacher, massage therapist, reiki master, and life long truth, beauty, and freedom seeker, Robin brings a depthful and holistic approach to her coaching and photography work.

Robin writes about mindful living, practical spirituality, empowerment, self-worth, and creative expression, and is a stand for all people, especially women, to let go of disempowering beliefs about themselves, reclaim their inner authority, and live passionate and elevating lives.