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Hello, I’m Robin.

I’m a holistically oriented life coach and portrait photographer for women, blogger, and artist in the San Mateo, CA. I’ve been in the professional beauty and healing arts fields for 20 years and my art has been published in We’Moon calendar.

I’m interested in empowerment. I’m interested in how we cultivate our awareness and choose to embody, express, and own it in our lives. I’m interested in spirituality and bridging our relationship with the intangible to everyday, pragmatic, soul-full living. I’m interested in creativity and how we become more refined and open vessels of expression, experiencing the fulfillment of this passionate flow that affirms to us who we are at a deep level. I’m interested in evolution and how every step of our journey is a meaningful teacher on our path of continuous unfolding. I’m interested in love and bringing our hearts to the places that scare us and learning to be more vulnerable, courageous, and kind. I’m interested in enjoying life.

“Since Robin came into my life, life has changed. You could say that she rocked my world. Her deep connection to Spirit and her deep commitment to clarity altered my perceptions of the reality that I was living in. I have begun to understand what living a life of love means. I have begun to see where boundaries, clarity, passion, creativity, connection to oneself and to Spirit, groundedness and deep listening all play an active role in loving; loving myself, loving others, and loving life.” -Heather,

Want to work together?

My time is split evenly between coaching and photography.

As a coach, my approach is holistic, spiritual, and practical with an emphasis in counseling. My clients are all over the country so I offer in-person, phone, and Skype sessions. You can read insightful things those I’ve worked with have to say about our time together here and here and much more about my coaching sessions here.

As a photographer, my work is contemporary beauty photography. I’m interested in exploring the authentic, deep, playful, and beautiful expression that comes from within. I work with women seeking portraits shoots for their personal enjoyment and empowerment, artists bringing forth a vision for a new album or portfolio, yoginis and dancers wanting to capture their gorgeous movement, women seeking to refresh their online presence with a new online media portfolio, and senior girls. I work primarily in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, though I will travel further. To learn more please visit my photography portfolio website.

Keep in touch

For info on sessions, photo shoots, or media inquiries, drop me an email at

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