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K+C | Oakland Humanist Hall Wedding

It’s no surprise that I love portraits and I adore working with couples who like them as much as I do. This couple was so into portraits they dedicated several hours to cover the bride’s getting ready process and an hour+ after the ceremony for us to leave the wedding and go to The Claremont Hotel to take couples photos where we ran around, opened champagne in the shower, and had a lot of fun!

Of course I capture the details, toasts, family, and all the rest. But since weddings are about celebrating that you found Your Person (Hallelujah!) it makes sense to me to dedicate some time on your wedding day to creating beautiful, memorable photos of you two together. If you feel the same way, be in touch & let’s make wedding magic together!

What I particularly love about this couple is how they much they made their wedding their own. I think many folks feel at least some sense of obligation to follow the standard wedding flow because it covers all the bases and makes sense. But really, your wedding can be however you want it to be. You don’t have to do a first dance or cut cake, let alone even have a cake. It can be simple, wild, heart-felt, eccentric, spiritual, or whatever’s true to you. I think you’ll see that these beautiful and wild souls are a bit of all that – plus incredibly in love.