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Liminal Space

There are moments in life when you viscerally know you’ve crossed a threshold.

The journey of becoming – with its peaks and valleys, triumphs and losses – changed you. During the process, that likely went on for years, what no longer served you was stripped away… along with many things other such as naivety, illusions, self-defeating habits, & outgrown identities. In exchange for what you lost, you received what you had always wanted: greater access to your deep, embodied self-confidence and the wisdom to live it.

These moments are powerful rites of passage in our lives. Moments to acknowledge the fullness of our journey and appreciate the ways we’ve changed, evolved, become.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in such a moment when entering a new decade? Or when you were finally able to step into the light after emerging from a dark night of the soul process? Or when you gave birth to something triumphant – a child, a book, a dream – that forever changed you?

Regardless, you know the moment. The liminal space between worlds, full of possibility.

This is the place this woman embodies in her life & in this shoot… which we captured at sunset on a black sand beach in the Marin Headlands.

Is there something you long to express, be witnessed as, celebrate, step into?
Is there a story you want to rewrite? Freedom you want to feel? Beauty you want to embody?

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