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Jenny | Oakland Maternity Shoot

Do I really need to get maternity photos?

I think nearly every pregnant woman asks herself this. With so many emotional and logistical things unfolding, it can be like: Do I really need to shell out more cash for another appointment when all I really want to do nest &/or lie down?

And then… the due date gets closer and many women realize: I’m crossing a bridge to a completely different chapter of my life. So, YES, I definitely want to have photos of this moment for now, and for when I’m older to look back on!

In this case, I showed up at Jenny’s super cute Oakland flat less than one week from her due date. We had a circle to honor her passage into Mother sitting on the floor of her bedroom and then let inspiration take over, pulling from saris she loves that express her husband’s tradition, exploring cozy moments around her house, and even getting her very attentive tuxedo cat to pose for a few.

And now, just a month or so later, she’s in an utterly new phase of life and she has these photos as a time capsule of the last moment of her transformation before stepping into her new chapter as Mother.