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Joanna Damiana | The Spaces Between

When Joanna contacted me to do photos for her new album, the idea was to create sensuous, surrendered, otherworldly, empowered, and mysterious images of the threshold space that’s in-between. These images were to be the visual companions for the album she was creating. I was thrilled! This is just the sort of space I love to explore in shoots.

We met up in Fairfax and drove west looking for our spot. The first place we were drawn to was pretty – everything in West Marin is – but it was too open with trails and people. We drove further west and after some back and forth scoping along Sir Francis Drake, we found the perfect spot with a creek and no people to drop in and create a portal for surrendering to the world between worlds. And we had so much fun doing it! Dirty feet, wading around in the creek, climbing on logs, and even Joanna beautifully playing her cello on top of a huge tree stump.

Enjoy the images. May they inspire you to pause and see what wants to come through you when you find yourself between spaces.

Joanna’s album, The Spaces Between: Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud