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Oakland Intimate Session | Jamie + Pete

As a photographer I want to show what’s real and beautiful to people so they can know more of who they truly are. I do this often with women and it’s powerful medicine.

I’m unquestionably a romantic and lover of love, so recently I started wondering what it would be like to share this same process with couples. Would it work? Would I be able to figure out how to get two people, as opposed to one, to drop in? Would they find it healing and fun? The answer to all is – yes!

“Working with Robin is more like a journey in personal growth, self acceptance, and radical vulnerability than it is a photo shoot. She curates this journey in a container of complete safety, collaboration, and play. As a couple, it was amazing to get a glimpse into parts of our relationship that we only feel from the inside. It was such a joy to see the love and depth of vulnerability that I share with my partner captured on film in its pure momentary authenticity. Her style of shoot is not to stage moments purely for beauty’s sake, but to capture real moments and paint the true story of your relationship. I hope to continue to paint the story of our relationship by working with Robin in the future as we continue to age and our story continues to unfold.”

If you’re in a relationship and you want to experience who you are as a couple in a way that selfies just won’t do, be in touch!