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Summer Beach Bliss at Torrey Pines, San Diego

What’s the place that makes you feel the most vibrant, easeful in your body, and connected?

Wherever that is for you, that’s the place I want to do a photo shoot with you. Why? Because I want each woman to feel comfortable and inspired by the environment we’re in. When that’s in place, it’s easy to relax and express what wants to come through – which is when amazing photos effortlessly happen.

So when this California beauty reached out about doing a summery photo shoot that celebrates her beachy, San Diego lifestyle – I was all for it. (Wait, did you just tell a San Francisco photographer warm ocean water was involved? Hm, yes please:)

She wanted to capture the energies of play, athleticism, yoga, delight, and fun – and after we said goodbye to her kids at home and headed to the beach, that’s just what we did.

There’s also some comedy here too because while Torrey Pines is a beautiful beach, we were far from the only people who thought so. So what you’ll see here is her radiant, golden energy. What you won’t see is the gazillions of other people who also decided to go to the beach that day. All hail the power of cropping!