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Kristina + Norman | Napa Wedding

The magic surrounding Kristina and Norman is shown in this moment from their wedding…

I’m standing with Norman in the spot where he’s going to wait for Kristina to have their first look. It’s down a beautiful side trail they once went for a walk on. As we chat, two male deer – a stag and a young buck – walk by about 20 feet from where we’re standing. They pause, look at us, and then the buck follows the stag down the road.

When I come back with Kristina a bit later, Norman is standing so still it’s like he’s become one of the trees he’s surrounded by. Dragonflies, butterflies, bees, and birds are flying around him so intensely that Kristina and I turn to each other and say we feel like we’re in a fantasy story.

Ordinarily I’d say this is a unique and special moment. And it is. But when I’ve spent time with Norman and Kristina, moments like this happen fairly often because they’re people who are really tuned-in to themselves, life, nature, and spirit.

Norman and Kristina got married at a beautiful private ranch in Napa. Their ceremony was held in a medicine circle on a bluff surrounded by oak trees. It was heart-felt, soulful, filled with sweet moments with friends and family, and fun (as you’ll see when they shove their wedding cake in each other’s faces!)

I don’t photograph weddings a lot but when something special like this happens, and when people want to focus on portraits, there’s no place else I’d rather be.

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Michael John Farina-Connors -

Incredible moments from an incredible day. I wish we could all re-live it again. Such an beautiful experience! ❤️