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Tara Divina | Images for her New Album & Work as a Vedic Astrologer

The minute I started talking to Tara Divina, I knew she was one of my spiritual-creative soul-sisters. She is a woman who embraces and lives the range of her gifts, and does so with depth, grace, and a good bit of sass;)

In one part of Tara’s life she is a Vedic Astrologer. In another she’s a singer-songwriter with a gorgeous voice who’s just released a new album called True Beauty. (Check it out!!) She is, of course, many other lovely-fun-creative-spiritual things too. But for our photo shoot these were the two areas she chose to focus on.

What I like about the creative vision and intention of this shoot is that we left behind the idea that you have to be “this” or “that.” Meaning: Tara’s spiritual and creative work are two expressions of her gifts and while they are unique, they don’t need so much differentiation. We are all here to live our range!

That said, I’m really excited to share the visual expression from our fun afternoon romping around Fairfax with Tara, her partner Max, and wildly talented stylist and MUA Ashley Beck. And… for those of you who have been wanting to live a less compartmentalized life, I hope you too can find creative ways to take the walls down and integrate the different parts of your life and being.

Tara’s Websites: Visionary Readings Vedic Astrology | Her new album: True Beauty   

Shannon Doyle -

So, so beautiful! I love the first one and the ones with the guitar, fabulous!!