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Oakland Maternity Shoot

Nestled inside, on a classically cool Bay Area day a few weeks before her due date, we got together to take these photos. True to this woman’s energy and style, they are simple, sensuous, direct, and beautiful.

Often I “get” as much if not more from the experience of working with ladies as they do. This deeply symbiotic exchange is one of the things I’m most grateful for with my work. In this case, what I received from her is the reminder that when you feel your heart calling to you to follow your deepest desires, say yes. Even when they don’t come easily, even when you have to be patient beyond how far you believe you can be patient – keep going. What you want wants you. And in this case, her now beautiful boy is what wanted her. So beautiful.

Akasha Heather Christy -

i LOVE this photo shoot!! I mean besides the fact that you are completely gorgeous Miss A, the shots are so beautifully crafted Robin Clark. I love the quality of skin and hair and lace. What a perfect shoot. The jet dog love photo in front of the window a timeless shot.