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Your mind to your heart.

What you want to what you need.

Your plans for the future to the life that’s unfolding before your eyes right now.

Who you believe yourself to be to who you truly are.

Old hurts and armoring to the love that’s beckoning you to courageously open.

Your idea about what should happen to what’s true in the moment.

Your will to Divine Will.

We are rivers flowing into the ocean, coming to know more of who we truly are as we continually surrender & open to greater currents of being. 


This shoot is part of a series exploring feminine aspects of spirituality. You can see others here: The Muse, Priestess.

Caitlin Lovejoy Hawkins -

Sultry surrender… It’s such a bittersweet and uber powerful perspective. Requires much courage!! Beautiful work, Robin. I enjoy reading and seeing how this faceted process of shooting portraits is unfolding for you and the women that you capture so eloquently. I imagine it’s a wonderful reflection of your own spiritual awakenings. Love you, thank you for this work.

Meghan Rae -

Beautiful expression, capturing the surrender to be witnessed. What great work! <3 There is magic in there!