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Pilar Brooks | Topanga Yoga Shoot

“We easily lose ourselves. Whether it’s to our jobs, our commutes, our inner critic, or taking care of others. Our hearts, bodies and spirits become lost in the shuffle. 

In turn, we grow more tired, more stressed, more out of our bodies. Taking care of everything and everyone else, and not ourselves, can wear on us. We feel like we must use all of our energy in fulfilling these tasks, and then we can take care of ourselves.” – Pilar Brooks

Can you relate? I certainly can.

When I met Pilar one misty morning in LA for our shoot, I was struck by her unique mix of grace, openness, and depth. I can tell she’s going to help a lot of people in their process of coming home to themselves.

She recently made a beautiful website for her yoga therapy work these photos were taken for. Check it out! May you be inspired to do some yoga and make self-care a higher priority in your life.

Pilar’s website:

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