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Opening to Grace | Ojai Portrait Session


Magic happens when you set intentions and open to grace…

“How do you want to feel? When you decide to do a photo shoot, what is the surrounding you select? I was living at the beach but craving the land. Just a short hop down the road was gorgeous Ojai. This magical place has called me over the years. Gracious oak trees, rolling hills, mountains, wide river beds for me are the heart and soul of California. Referred to as Shangri-La, Ojai resonates for some in a very deep way.

I had been scouting the layout of where I wanted to feel my essence. On a practical level, I wanted some coaching shots, dating shots and a few photos where my 80 year old self would reflect back and remember how I was once beautiful knowing beauty fades. But the most important photo I desired was the one that reminded of my true essence. I wanted to capture my Higher Self.

There are days when I struggle. I wanted the visual of remembering the Truth of who I Am. I wanted to capture my Highest Self, my evolving Wisdom, She, my very own Divine Feminine, you know, the one that loves me through and through and only sees me at my fullest state of Grace and Ease. And of course I would meet her through movement. I would meet her through grounding with the land.

Intention was set on a much deeper level. The surprise was that it would result in me living in Ojai a year later. Not even on the radar to buy a home at that time, I made my weekly pilgrimages to this special place. I’ve said for years, ‘bring the body and the mind will follow’. My body loves being in Ojai. My mind agrees. And my creativity is dancing with joy.”







Is there something you long to see & know about yourself?
Is there a story you want to rewrite? A new level of freedom you want to feel?

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Catherine Wiggins -

OMGosh Maggie…… look stunning and so full of light. I’m blown away and would loVe to have a photographic experience like this. It looks so liberating and self fulfilling ! Yummmmm! You are a

Susan Schaefer Bernardo -

Beautiful and fllled with grace and love and peace! xoxo

Nicola Gordon -

beautiful!! she caught you just right. xoxoxoxo

Joyce Bennett-Hall -

Wonderful…you can tell you love where you live…and where you are in “your skin.” Good for you…and you look absolutely beautiful….you couldv’e been hanging on the wall at the LA Art Show.