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This shoot is part of a series exploring feminine aspects of spirituality. You can see another one on The Muse here.

What is The Priestess?

If our many selves exist like Russian Dolls, the Priestess is a level of self that bridges the love and cosmic vastness of the greater intelligence with the everyday self of this world we typically think of as “me.” You could say she is our ancient self, our beyond time self, our full seeing self, our instinctual self, our personal gateway into the collective consciousness of women, our Highest Self.

Priestess, like Goddess, is an archetype. But she’s also a visceral, instinctual, essential part of every woman that feels like our soul’s home. We can call on her, become her for periods of time, and experience living through her expanded awareness, knowing, sight, openness, and clarity. (As we did in this shoot.) But we must come back to ourselves and weave what we learned into our daily lives, and do the actual work of evolving which she is always beckoning us to do.

My experience is that the Priestess is intensely present, sexual and sensual in a primal, beyond-self way, profoundly clear, comfortable in the full range of shadow and light, a healer, lives in union with Spirit, and is far beyond the insecurity and fear that permeate our everyday lives. Moments of connection with her have allowed me to live beyond my usual boundaries to see what else is possible, know my deeper truths and needs, and see my life from a broader, soul-level perspective.

Her presence ushers us forward into the lessons we need for our growth. Anyplace we’re tangled up in fear, false beliefs, imbalances in our sense of self, or stories and identities that do not honor us – she will shine a light on this and ask us to untangle ourselves. Invoking the Priestess in Joshua Tree set each of us on a path of healing. We all, at some point, had to face and move beyond uncomfortable parts of our shadows to come more into our light. None of us are the same women we were when we started this shoot… and for that and for the experience of being in communion with the Priestess, I am grateful.



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[…] This shoot is part of a series exploring feminine aspects of spirituality. You can see others here: The Muse, Priestess. […]