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A Return to Magic

“Our time together has left me feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

The experience of simply BEING with you
and BEING seen without the need to strive or perform
has been such deep medicine in my life.

This experience of BEING has crossed over the threshold into my daily life. Before this photo shoot I had this really strong itch that I couldn’t quite scratch, this feeling that somehow my life wasn’t quite what I would like it to be. I felt like there wasn’t enough magic and spontaneity. I felt like it was all work and no play. During our shoot I realized that what I had been missing was gratitude.

While frolicking through the freezing cold forests of Mt. Tam
I was reminded of the magic that can be found in the simplicity of living. 

I close my eyes now and remember the moist, moss covered trees, the cool kiss of the air against my skin, the delicate spider webs. Magic and beauty surrounded me in every moment. The day truly felt like a meditation of gratitude. Since the shoot I feel like I have come alive again. I am no longer looking outside of myself for that magic of feeling alive. I feel deeply satisfied with the simplicity of my life right now.

This deepening of self-love feels like such a soul satisfying relief. It feels so good to relax, to let go, and just be me.”

Is there something you long to express, be witnessed as, open to, delight in, celebrate, step into?
Is there a story you want to rewrite? A new level of freedom you want to feel?

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I look forward to sharing a photographic soul-jouney with you! x

Erin Berkowitz -

These pictures are incredible!!! Oh my gosh…every single one captured every part of my being. Just beauty….and gratitude.

Erin Elizabeth Guinn -

SERIOUSLY! NEXT LEVEL! Absolutely stunning photos, deeply moving and inspiring.

Willa Rascal -

Just lovely. Natural and free, intimate and stunning.

Eleo Nora -

Those are the most beautiful and heart opening portraits I’ve ever seen in my life! I wish both of you all the best and a happy time, may it be sunny or raining. Love & Light, Eleonora