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Amelía Aeon Karris | Brand Photos + Interview About Her Work as a Sustainable Lifestyle Designer + Spiritual Guide

Hi. Tell us a bit about yourself & what you do in the world. 

My name is Amelía Aeon Karris. If you are wondering how to pronounce my name, it’s a good question cause most people get it wrong. Amelía is pronounced like Mama Mia or more phonetically Amma + Leah. With Aeon, the A is silent, so just drop the A and say Eon and Karris has been anglicized by my grandfather because no one got the pronunciation right so I won’t even go there. It is all Greek in case you were wondering.

I call myself a Sustainable Lifestyle Designer and a Spiritual Guide. I help people tune to their authentic self so they can live a life they love and bring their unique gifts to the world through their business. I offer workshops, classes, guided meditation sessions and one on one counseling. I also lead Mastermind groups for Solopreneurs, Changemakers and Emerging Leaders.

Why did you choose to become a Sustainable Lifestyle Designer and a Spiritual Guide? 

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I can remember. I knew at a very young age (around 6) that my work in the world was not yet defined. My mother used to laugh at my notions of creating my own line of work but I knew that what I was here to offer had not yet been defined.

I’ve had a handful of career/title changes but this particular description of my services became the distillation of what it is that I offer people. My main purpose is helping people design a life they love that is sustainable for them and for the Earth (in every sense of the word). We are spiritual beings and most people forget that. I am here to guide you back to the source of your being-ness and remind you of your spiritual nature – which is vast and all knowing.

What’s your work like? 

What I excel at is creating safe resonant containers to expand consciousness and bring people back to wholeness – back to love.

As we go through life we pick up a lot of trauma and wounding. It is unavoidable; these are the lessons that our soul needs to learn to evolve to the next level of growth. In my Mystery School and one on one work, I guide my students and clients to their next level of Self Mastery. You can learn more about these levels of Self Mastery in my video HERE.

My goal with all of my work is to awaken the authentic self and remind people of who they truly are – which is pure love.

When we return to love, all fears, pain and hurt are magically healed. It is simple yet we are attached to the suffering. There is an end to suffering and an entire new world to explore when we open to love fully. When we open to the magnificence of the love within us we transform all of our relations and the way we see the world, our vision literally changes. There are many ways I help people return to that love. It sounds simple but for most people it takes guidance to get there.

In my one on one counseling I specialize with people who have had Spiritual Awakenings and have done quite a bit of spiritual seeking already. They come to me for fine-tuning their innate gifts and to heal original wounds (which might exists in other time lines). Innate gifts are those ‘special powers’ you have within you that need to be honed and mastered to be of service to your community.

For the Changemakers, Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs I help them own their truth, their unique gifts and bring their work into the world in a positive, ethical way. I love to encourage people who feel the pain of capitalistic living to carve their own path of liberation and self-expression.

When you become an entrepreneur you have to take responsibility for the life you lead – at every level. The way you conduct business is more powerful and touches more lives than simply voting for a new election or joining a picket line. Entrepreneurship is spirituality in action. An entrepreneur needs to walk their talk and create the reality they want to participate in – there is no one to blame. I like to imagine what the world would be like if we were all working for ourselves giving our gifts and sharing with our community. It seems everyone would have their needs met and would value each other and take responsibility for who they are being.

What are you personally learning from being a Sustainable Lifestyle Designer and a Spiritual Guide?

My clients are a constant mirror of my own psyche. My work teaches me how to transmute old pain and wounding into my power and strength. Often my clients experiences help me structure and define the content of the work that I offer. I get the honor to hold their hand and walk with them into a place of healing that is so profound and magical. Everyday I get to sit in the miraculous field of love and be reminded of the profound grace that we can all receive if we allow it in.

What role does spirituality play in your life and in your work? 

My work is guided by Spirit. When I say that, I literally mean that every word, every piece of advice, every offering comes from my meditative state and deep connection with knowing.

Having been raised in a fundamentalist Christian environment at a young age, I began to question the fanaticism and went on my own truth seeking adventures across the world. It started with Wiccan Paganism, so I moved to England. I got even more curious and traveled to Israel for six months and became curious about Judaism and the Kabala. Living and working in Japan brought me in touch with Shinto Shamanism and Buddhism. Spending nearly a decade in India, I dove into Tantra, Muslim and Hindu philosophy. Through all of my adventures living abroad, I discovered the truth is One – there is only One Truth. At the root of all these great religions and deep mystic paths if we find the common theme they lead us back to Love. In my Mystery School for Modern Day Living ( I distill all this wisdom into the most simplistic, modern day form.

Being spiritual to me means recognizing our multi-dimensional nature; meaning the fact that we exist in more realms then just the physical. It is my personal practice and my work in the world to help people recognize and honor all of the dimensional bodies of our natural being to return to wholeness and acknowledge our own divinity.

What’s the main message you want your work to convey?

My main message is that we all have innate gifts within us that are unique and require development.

Once we recognize these gifts, we need to learn how to harness the power of them. There are multiple levels of mastering your gifts; it is not enough just to recognize them. We need to honor them and tune ourselves to our gifts and develop a sense of self-mastery. When we step into our divine assignments on the planet, we are being the contribution we most desire to give. It is our duty to become as self aware as we possibly can. When we eradicate the pain and suffering and sickness within us, we heal all of our relations and do a great service to humanity. It is only through our own healing that we can begin to see peace in the world.

My clients often describe my work as magical dreamscapes of profound healing. It is often associated with a type of rebirth analogy like a snake shedding its skin or the caterpillar emerging as the butterfly.

My wish is that we all learn to listen more deeply to ourselves, to the Earth and to each other.

Amelia’s website | www.knowtheself

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