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Wendy Yalom | Brand Photos in the Mission District

Every now and then a girl needs some new photos… for her website, for her own enjoyment, and just to have a day of being her fabulous self on her birthday!

That’s how I ended up being lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Wendy Yalom (and Lena Chavez – MUA) taking wildly fun photos all around the Mission. Wendy is an amazing personal branding and wedding photographer here in the Bay Area. The warmth, enthusiasm, and skillfulness she brings to her work jumps off the page the moment you look at her beautiful photos.

So it was quite an honor and creative joy to get to collaborate with her to take photos of her!

This shoot happened in the middle of the torrential rain we had in December. When I arrived at Wendy’s it was dumping rain. But literally the second we left her house to go to our locations it stopped and never got past a drizzle until the exact moment our photo shoot was scheduled to end.

After spending a day with Wendy and getting to experience her bright, positive energy, I’m willing to bet that turning a potentially challenging situation into not only an ok, but a great situation, is a common thing in her life. She has that high-vibe, yes, loving energy that’s literally going to part clouds.

See for yourself!

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