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The Mystic Queen

There are moments when it’s time to acknowledge and step into the woman you have become, let go of being a good girl, a pleasing girl – and own yourself. In these moments it’s time to speak up, clarify your new terms, and create your life and relationships in new ways that honor you.

This is a continuous process we go through again and again as we keep evolving into deeper, truer expressions of ourselves. And part of what makes each of these evolutions land is to be witnessed as the self we are evolving into and see ourselves as others are now seeing us.

When Robin contacted me to do a shoot to express, witness, and document the evolution she was going through, I couldn’t have been happier. When planning the shoot we discussed how these identity evolutions are a process. So we created the flow of the shoot to follow the seasons from the letting go of Fall to the emergence of Spring.

From Robin:

“Upon embarking on my second photo shoot with Robin, I had just gone through a several month cycle of learning and shifting. I was really working on letting go of old ways of being and ready to step into something completely new.

There had been serious upheavals and I was feeling quite ruthless as I was cutting connections to certain people and behaviors that I would no longer accept.

And, I was REALLY liking this feeling which was surprising because while it felt great to support myself in this way, it was also so foreign!

I was giddy with wielding the sword of righteousness. But another part of me was concerned that I’d lost contact with the part of me that is compassionate, loving and forgiving. I had explored this with some trusted advisors, Robin being one of them, and the words Mystic Queen resonated with me.

I had gone through Persephone’s journey from the doe-eyed, sweet, young thing to Queen of my own Shadowlands. I wanted to see solidness in my stance that I was feeling inwardly.

At the beginning of the shoot Robin took me through a grounding meditation and there was this feeling that something was going to burst forth. But when we were shooting I was very solid and still. I moved slowly. I was very present.

Afterwards when viewing my photos, what struck me is that I have integrated. And having a photo shoot to explore this, and literally see where I am at, has been integral to the process of integration. The feeling of ruthlessness has settled, and I haven’t lost the softness either. I am in deep appreciation to Robin for gently leading the way through this process.”


Katie Winters -

What an absolutely BREATHTAKING shoot!!!

Erin Elizabeth Guinn -

This shoot is AMAZING!!!