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You Are Writing the Story of Your Life. Is it the Story You Want to Read?


It’s that annual time when you’re most likely musing about about themes, intentions, and hopes for the year ahead.

What do you want it to… Feel like? Teach you? Open you to? Help you breakthrough? Ignite within you?

Anytime is a good time to set intentions and change or refine your direction. But NOW is a particularly excellent time because it’s a collective chapter change and pregnant pause between what was and what will be… and that’s a mighty fine time to plant seeds.


When making art, there’s a line of thought that you should write/paint/sing what you know.

But there’s another that says you should write/paint/sing what you want to read/see/hear. In doing this you’ll not only be extremely entertained and put more of what tickles your fancy into the world, but you’ll learn whatever’s necessary to make your art come to life so it’s ok if you don’t already know it because you will!

This is the year I hope you set into motion – the one you don’t already know but WANT to live.

Imagine a year that makes you swoon. That’s meaningful. Fulfilling. Magical. Fun. Depthful. Expansive. Nourishing. Empowering.

Do you…

… open yourself to being and receiving love like you’ve never yet allowed yourself to experience, and courageously face and move through whatever you’ve put between you and this happening?

… create the soul-revealing art you’ve always wanted to make that will show you deep, essential truths about who you are?

… stop hiding in your relationships, from yourself, in your career and art, and actively choose vulnerability as your path to empowerment?

… say yes to your sexuality and (learn how to) create the honoring containers you need to experience genuine fulfillment here?

… cultivate deep value of yourself, your time, your health, your work and gifts and create your life from the inside out from a place of self-value, as opposed to the striving, grasping, and over-giving you may have been taught?

… let go of trying to manage your life, hand the keys to Spirit, practice trusting what unfolds, and let yourself be delighted and surprised by where Life takes you?

You are the writer writing the story of your life.
What story do you WANT to read this year? 


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