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It’s As Easy As: Will This Help Others?


You’re going about your day and WHAM, The Muse strikes, and you’re suddenly inspired to…

Write a blog post.
Take your love for gardening to the next level and study landscape design.
Take a yoga/acting/singing/dance class.
Speak from the heart when you post on social media.
Say hello when someone meets your eyes.

Your first impulse is yes. But so often this is immediately, if not simultaneously, followed with doubt-producing questions that make you second guess yourself and hold back.

So you don’t…

Share what you know that could help others.
Bring earthy beauty to the world.
Express yourself more freely, inspiring others to do the same.
Express yourself lovingly, making others feel loved.

Nobody wins this way.

We can spend a lot of our precious lives wondering what to do. Will X take me closer to my goal of Y? How will others see me if I do X or achieve Y? Is Z what I really want or is that a distraction? What about A…

Round and round we go. Time passes. You feel increasingly confused. And still, nobody’s winning.

What if, instead of pondering X, Y, of Z, you asked…

Does this help others?

If you’re not sure, ask:

Have I benefited from someone else doing this that I can pass on through doing it myself?

Suddenly it’s easy.

YES, you should write a blog post, pursue landscape design, take an acting class, speak from your heart, and say hello.

Why? Because each of these things helps others.

Some quite directly. Some through increasing the light and beauty you bring to the world which raises others up. Some through inspiring others to live more freely, openly, lovingly.

Helping other can look so many ways…

And mostly starts from your simple desire to do so.


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