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Kala | Bridging the Worlds on Mt. Tam

I think many of us feel our purpose, on some level, is to serve as bridges. Maybe you act as a bridge between communities, age groups, or people that operate with different perspectives? Many who work in the healing and creative arts feel themselves to be bridges between spirit and this world. I know I certainly do.

This shoot marks a shift Kala was feeling with the direction of her work. As she says it…

“The shoot, in short, for me was about honoring who I truly am at my core and how I show up in the world as an extension of that.

Being seen, taking responsibility. Shifting gears from doing to being, from working at a “job” to letting my work be an expression and extension of who I am, who I want to be in the world, and how I wish to serve.

It was an answer to my inquiry of “Does the otherworld have a place in this one?” To this: a resounding YES. And then making offerings and creating a career for myself from that place, as a bridge between that world and this.”

Tara Shorey -

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