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A Big Ol’ Review of 2014’s Blog Posts

How better to complete this year than by taking a little tour through it?

Here are the top 30+ posts I wrote this year broken into 6 categories:

Trust Yourself, Trust Life.
Take Back Your Power.
Love Yourself.



A Year of Solution

Tips for Busting Through Resistance & Taking Your Life to the Next Level

New Moon: What Are You Calling In?

Reality Check: The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

Navigating the Writing Path: From Start to Finish

How to Transform Ebb to Flow

The Energy You Generate Has a Huge Effect on What You Attract & Repel




The Power of Being Transparent

It’s Amazing How People Will Show Up… When You Tell Them What’s Really Going On With You

Doing Vulnerable Things Will Make You Into a More Confident & Free Human

Your Beliefs Aren’t Keeping You Safe – They’re Keeping You in the Past



Trust Yourself, Trust Life.

Even When Things Seem to Be Falling Apart, You Can Trust Life (Really)

Trust Yourself

There Are No Rules You Can Follow That Are Better Than Listening to Your Intuition



Take Back Your Power

Taking Your Power Back From Ego When You’re Upset

End the Cult of Busy in Your Life

On Flakiness

Break Your Addiction to Problem

Finding Freedom Through Your Addictions

Come Back to Center




You Get What You Tolerate… & You Can Change This at Any Time to Radically Improve Your Life

Radical Acceptance: When Someone Tells You Who They Are, Believe Them

Teach People How You Want to be Treated

Want Connection? Take People Out of the Boxes You’ve Put Them In

Do You Dare to Get This Clear About What You Want?

The Question is Not ‘Is This Person or Experience Giving Me What I Want?’ But ‘What Can I Learn?’



Love Yourself

Give Yourself Credit For How Far You’ve Come & How Well You’re Doing

For Those Who Have Had Eating Disorders… How to Motivate Yourself to Take Better Care of Yourself Without Pressure or Judgment

Why Doing the Inner Work is Worth It

What About Forgiveness?

Include Yourself