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What Are You Ready to Let Go Of?


I’ve been to Burningman four times. I didn’t go this year but by living in the Bay Area and having a giant slice of my social world attending, I always feel tuned into its energy and rhythms.

I could say a hundred things I like about Burningman, like…

Giant sunrises and sunset that blow you wide-open with beauty. Opportunity and huge permission to explore parts of yourself you rarely if ever tap into in the rest of your life. The way seeing that many bodies slices through social programming about what beauty is only to realize beauty is something more like kindness, grace, and vibrancy than all the false things we’ve been taught. Profound silliness. Deep generosity. Ecstatic synchronicities. The strong connections that come from going through something that intense and surreal together. Dancing!!! Capital-C Creativity, Debauchery, and Spirituality all mixed together in any combination you like. The many people who give out massages all day, every day – bless you. Electric upliftment and life-changing inspiration that comes from wild arrays of expression. Falling in love, or something like it, multiple times in a week – sometimes a day! And perhaps best of all for my magical heart – releasing your everyday tethers and dropping deeper and deeper into a mysterious flow of synchronicity and grace that carries you into all sorts of interesting and completely unexpected, comical, cathartic, expansive, sexy, confronting, nourishing, and divine experiences.

But none of this is actually my favorite part. That special gem in my hierarchy of joys is reserved for the temple.

Why? Because it’s a place of magic, alchemy, deep love, humility, reverence, soul-full beauty, and transformation.

Yes people dance and experience profound, gorgeous upliftment there. I certainly have.

But people also go there to pour out what’s been laying heavy on their hearts. Make wishes for their lives and those they love. Send requests for help and guidance. And generally drop into the vulnerable parts of their inner world that need attention and a place to express themselves. People do this by writing on the temple walls, pouring out their souls in notebooks, posting pictures of lovers, children, parents, and pets who have died, singing, playing music, offering dance, crying, meditating. Then on Sunday night, the last night of the festival, the temple burns and all of this raw emotional power is released into the ethers in a moment of hushed reverence, and transformed – in time and through the mysterious process that is life – to wholeness and love.



We all feel lighter when we clear our old crap out of our closets, drawers, and garage. Our inner world is just the same. We may think letting go of inner-things will “just happen.” But sometimes, just like deciding to clean out the fridge, you have to be a catalyst in this process and intentionally decide to let things go.

Things like emotions, situations, and stories that compromise your well-being. Beliefs or habits you feel tangled up in that you want to be free from. Relationships that have ended (or need to end) that you’re hanging onto. Roles or identities you’ve felt bound to that no longer serve. Anger and hurt you’re ready to release the burden of. Perhaps you want to feel safe to take down some of your walls and let more love in and out of your life. Or you see (or don’t see and want help seeing) a pattern you keep playing out you want to cease engaging in. Self-judgment. Self-consciousness. Insecurity. Self-sabotage. You name it.

Whatever it is when you look deep into your heart, consider me life’s messenger speaking directly to you saying:

It’s time to let this go.

And fortunately you don’t have to go to Burningman to do this. I’ve written things out on paper I want to let go of, torched this in my yard, and put the ashes in the soil of a new plant. I’ve gone to the beach, lit a large fire, burned all the burnable things of a relationship and threw the rest off a cliff into an ocean to help myself let it go.

You just have to decide it’s time. Because it is. Really – let it go and lighten your load. You will be OK – better than OK – without it.


P.S. Last week I asked you what you want to call in. But for every inhale there is an exhale and often the fastest way to bring in what you want is to clear space for its arrival.

Joanna Nightengale -

Amazing writing Robin, thank you