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End the Cult of Busy in Your Life


Have you noticed the epidemic of people being so busy they spend much of their time talking (or, more honestly: complaining) about how busy and overwhelmed they are?

And the, not at all subtle, flavors of entitlement and martyrdom that often surround such I’m-so-busy conversations?

And the frantic energy, stressed out vibes, and disconnected interactions that follow in their wake?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

YOU do not have to live this way.

You do not have to watch your days pass by while you’re in a frenzy of busyness. Of swirliness. Of anxiety.

You just don’t.

But maybe you think being busy makes you important? It doesn’t. And it doesn’t make you valuable or worthy, either. You are already inherently valuable and worthy. So busyness?

It just makes you busy.

And scattered. And stressed. And quite likely too preoccupied to deeply connect with people. And, let’s be honest, possibly not all that fun to be around.

So let’s cut down on the busyness and be more present in our lives.

How? By…

Saying no to excess tasks, over scheduling, and feeling like we must do everything right now. Letting go of believing we must prioritize others before our own self-care so that they will like and approve of us. Being more efficient with our to-do’s, removing items from our lists, and generally doing less. Learning to enjoy, instead of fear, spaciousness.

For starters.

You could also throw in remembering that life is for you and while some things are your responsibility to do, much of what you stress about is actually something life is helping you do. That living in a connected and ease-ful way feels infinitely better than living busy, busy, busy trying to keep up with who you think you’re supposed to be. And, perhaps most importantly…

You are here to enjoy your life. Not to survive it. 


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