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New Moon: What Are You Calling In?


Life creation is a collaboration.

There’s a deep, intimate dance happening at all times between you and Life. You send out desires for what you want. Life then responds by sending you what you’ve asked for. Or, it sends you experiences that help you refine your desire or to become a greater match for what you desire. This in turn changes you and shifts what you want, prompting you to send out a new, improved request to life. Back and forth you dance like this with life until – voila! – your true desire comes into manifestation.

Anytime is a good time to send out manifestation requests. But some times – like right now with it being a new moon – are even more advantageous.

Every new moon is a beginning, an invitation to create. It’s a time when the fertile creative soil of life is saying to you: Plant your seeds of desire in me. 

So now the question is:

What do you want to call in?


What’s your relationship like with your desires?

Do you give yourself time out to dream in deep ways? Do you open to all possibilities or do you cap your desires at what you believe your friends and family will approve of? Are you willing to go for risky, vulnerability-inducing desires or do you seek only what you’re sure you will succeed at? Do you give yourself permission for desires of deep pleasure? Do you let yourself own and step into desires that will take you into deeper maturity, intimacy, or responsibility?  

Like our sense of self, if we want anything like true fulfillment in this life, we have to hang our hat of desire down deeper than what easily pops up on the surface of our awareness. We have to reach beyond what our current identity holds onto — such as desires that seem safe, maintain the status quo, or that we think others will validate us for — and reach towards desires that honor who we are becoming.

This takes courage. This takes honesty. This takes moments of quiet to drop in and access the deeper current of our desires.

If this seems intimidating or risky, don’t let it be. Getting clear about what we want and letting life know is a big part of how we genuinely move our lives forward. It’s also an act of loving ourselves to let ourselves own and have what we truly want.

So take a moment out from all the doing to listen to yourself. Then plant a seed and consciously call in what you want to show up in your life. You don’t have to know your biggest desire ever – though if you do, go for it. But more likely, when you look at the current canvas of your life, there are all kinds of smaller, bite-sized pieces you are absolutely clear you want to call in such as…

More creativity. Fulfilling, resonant connections. Deeper self-trust and inner-calm. Bringing your work to a new level of depth. Improved self-care. Healing, greater skillfulness, or maturity in a particular area. More fun.

What do you truly want? Whatever it is, call it in.

And once you do, step back and notice how life – through synchronicity, inspiration, and guidance – begins to bring you towards exactly what you asked for.

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about moon cycles and the various energies each one offers, two great resources that come out each month are Mystic Mama and Astroflash.

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