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Golden Lady Family Photo Shoot

“My mother, sisters and I have been dreaming of having family portraits taken for years, but never made the time to do it. After having a fabulous personal photo shoot with Robin a year ago, I knew exactly who to turn to for our family portraits.

I began gathering meaningful images of women, sisters, and their mothers, and letting my imagination have fun with the possibilities. With Robin’s collaboration and direction, we were very well prepared and super excited for our shoot. We gathered an assortment of our favorite dresses, heirloom jewelry, quilts, hats and fun sunglasses. My sister’s backyard provided the perfect setting for us to feel relaxed and intimate for our pictures.

The shoot itself was a blast! Between wardrobe changes, scene selection, styling, and more, Robin expertly managed our group with finesse and fun.

Needless to say, my mom, sisters, and I were all in tears upon viewing our portraits for the first time. Robin captured the delicate essence of moments shared with the ones I love. She truly helped bring our dream to fruition. These images are a keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime, and more. I hope that these images create a spark of inspiration in others to have a fabulous family portrait shoot of their own.”


Kimberly Padgett -

Absolutely gorgeous. Looks like so much fun!

Sarah Scott -

One of the best photoshoot experiences of my life! My family will treasure these images forever. Thank you Robin.