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The Energy You Generate Has a Huge Effect on What You Attract & Repel

The last two years I lived in Venice, CA (2007-2009) I lived in the Venice hood. I had lived with a friend a few blocks from there and when it came time to move, I drew a picture of another friend’s sweet bungalow as a manifestation guide… and a week later that exact friend told me she was going to India indefinitely and did I want her place? Yes! I knew it was a bit sketchy on 7th and Broadway at night (especially before the gentrification clean-up that happened when Whole Foods opened on Lincoln and Rose), but it was such a score in every other regard I went for it.

At the time I was teaching intuition development and meditation classes a couple nights a week and everyone commented about the “neighborhood” when they came over for class. It’s one thing to watch movies of people looking tough and fantasize about having permission to express that part of yourself, but it’s a whole other thing to walk down a street with ten to thirty dealers hanging about with guns sometimes visible in their waist bands, doing their business. What I was surprised to learn is they were often unexpectedly friendly and wanted no trouble or cops around but it’s still an intimidating experience.

One week in my class two women said they’d got to talking on the street after class the previous week. We had just done a meditation focusing on grounding and self-love (details below) and as they spoke they experimented with continuing to do the meditation to see what would happened. Their report – which surprised and delighted them because it seemed quite magical – was that it appeared to create a force field around them which people took measures to walk around as they passed by. One man even said hello, let them know he was there and that he was going to walk by because he didn’t want to scare them.

In another version of this same story, I’m taking a self-love meditation course in San Francisco and one of the participants said she regularly got off at the Mission and 16th St. BART stop at night – a similar yet different scene of people who are homeless, high, and/or prostituting. She actively practiced generating and surrounding herself in love and not only did people who usually invaded her space move aside to let her pass, but some folks went as far as to cross the street.

I say this a lot in my posts but we really can’t hear it enough…


You attract what you are a match for and you repel what is not a match.

In every part of your life, if you look at what’s showing up, you need only to look within yourself to see what you’re consciously (and more often sub/un-consciously) generating and see where it’s a match. If you want to change what you’re attracting, you have to change what you’re generating… which is a switch you can learn to make at any time.

In sharing this information with people over the years, I’ve heard many reports of people experimenting in cafes, restaurants, and parties and noticing that as they sat still and generated love and other life affirming energies (such as gratitude, peace, and harmony), people would visibly move towards or away from them. They’d even sometimes notice changes in what music got played, what people talked about, and other opportunities that would occur that literally did not exist until they set the tone for what they wanted in their immediate space.

This is such a powerful realization to me! That we can consciously create a positive energy field around us that will attract others who are a match into our field, invite those who are not a match to raise their vibe to be a match, or repel those who are not a match. And it’s all done gracefully and without judgment – it’s simply a matter of resonance.

Care to play the game of consciously creating a positive vibrational resonance field in your life?

Of course you do! Of course you want to attract more of what lifts you up in the form of elevating connections, opportunities, and abundance. And of course you want to repel from your life what pulls you down, what creates drama, what perpetuates dis-ease. But here’s the thing – we’re all playing this game all the time anyhow. It’s just that we’re playing without being aware of it, throwing our energy and moods around without intention and then attracting a mishmash of this-and-that, unsure why that’s the case.

But life doesn’t have to be willy-nilly manifestation roulette. It can actually be quite intentional. And yes – it takes some practice to become more skillful at steering what you generate. But it’s a highly satisfying experiment to engage in and see that making even minor adjustments in your energy field really does have a positive impact on what shows up. But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself for a period of time and see.

The Grounding Self-Love Meditation

Nearly every spiritual person I’ve ever met has done some form of this meditation because it’s so simple and effective in grounding, centering, and raising your energy. Here’s a basic form of it. You could slowly read and record it into your phone and play it for yourself when you want to do a meditation. And really quickly you’ll have the steps down and can do it at any time.

Sit down and get settled.
Breath in such a way you feel your whole body rising and falling.

Relax the muscles in your jaw, face, neck, belly, etc.

Breath into your legs, feet, and sit bones.
Exhale a cord of connection from your sacrum down into the Earth.
Visualize your cord like the roots of a tree going wider and deeper.
Inhale the Earth’s grounding, unconditionally loving energy up your cord into your body.
Exhale your energy down into the Earth.

Breath back and forth like this strengthening your connection with the Earth.

Consciously generate your frequency of love.
Imagine what you feel for a person you love deeply to help you if needed.
Send this love to yourself, filling your whole body with it, saying: I love me.
Extend your loving energy from your heart and fill your aura with it, about two feet from your body in each direction.
See/feel the edges of your aura becoming defined, clarifying your energy boundary.
Continue to generate the feeling of love within and around you.
Let it go when you’re ready to be done.
Renee Rojas -

Thank you for putting this into words Robin. Good reminder. Blessings to you!

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