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Why Doing the Inner Work is Worth It


Why are you here? What’s your life about? To have fun? To experience as much as you can? To get what you want? To succeed? To help others? To be happy?

These are all parts of life, but I think the primary reason we’re here is to GROW in our spiritual awareness.

Life is FOR us and everything that happens in our lives is to help us LEARN. Wake up. See things with new eyes. Own what we’ve not wanted to see. Integrate disconnected parts of our psyche so we can be more whole and mature beings. Expand our understanding. Shift pain and fear into love.

All of our choices, all of the opportunities that come to us, all of our relationships, and each of our experiences are designed to help us elevate our awareness. But to receive even a part of the gigantic blessing of learning that life continually brings us, we have to greet each day like it’s a teacher we’re paying attention to with respect.

This means not just going through the motions of life, checking items off your to-do list, and waiting for the next fun occasion, but participating with eyes open, observing what’s happening within and without, taking notes, and reflecting on what you’re being given so you can take this information in, integrate it into your awareness, and grow.

You might ask: Why bother with this? Aren’t we supposed to be learning how to take ourselves less seriously? Isn’t it enough to be a decently good person, enjoy each day the best you can, remember to recycle, and have a nice life? Why bother with this observation, reflection, personal ownership, integration, and healing stuff?

I’ll give you two good reasons.

1. You wildly benefit.

Don’t you get sick of living out the patterns of your past? Doesn’t it sometimes drive you crazy to reflect on your life and see that you’ve been repeating the same (often self-defeating) behaviors and thoughts for years, if not decades? Don’t you want to be free from the pain, anger, and fear that’s dominated so much of your experience – as well as the neurotic coping mechanisms you’ve developed to “deal” with all this?

Doing the inner work – which can happen through an infinite number of paths – is The Way of Freedom. Despite the “wisdom” people who want to avoid facing their past say, the past does not resolve itself over time… unless you willingly and attentively engage in the ongoing inner work to make this so.

The cool thing about doing inner work is that with each layer of pain, drama, and story you peel back, more of who you truly are comes forward. As you peel back layers and get to know yourself better, you find that you’re quite different than the amalgam of patterns, coping mechanisms, personas, and habits you’d previously been operating as. As the distinction between your conditioned self and your true self increases, so does your power of choice. You find that many of your former automatic responses are now places where you can pause and choose how you want to respond, which gives you a much greater sense of inner trust and personal freedom. As you get stronger in exercising your power of choice, you feel more empowered and are less likely to go into victim, helplessness, or codependence – even in places that you’d previously felt chronically stuck. And with each step forward that you take in your healing journey, you increase the dominant frequency you generate, which has a highly positive impact on how you feel about yourself, how you perceive things, and what you attract.

Sold yet!? I can see your wheels turning about going deeper in your healing sessions, meditations, or yoga practice! And yet… as fantastic as all of the above reasons are, perhaps an even better reason why doing the inner work is worth it is..

2. With each advancement you make in your awareness, you have a profoundly positive impact on the world.

We do not live in bubbles. Just as you are negatively influenced by the angry, dark person walking down the street, and you are lifted up by artists or spiritual teachers, even those that live across the country from you, we have a huge vibrational impact on one another.

It’s easy to see it in our primary relationships. Certain friends bring you up, others bring you down. But this is just what we’re able to immediately or easily note. In reality, our sphere of influence on others is gigantic. I have a highly sensitive friend who was staying at a house where the Dalai Lama was about to visit. He said he could palpably feel the Dalai Lama’s emanation from five miles away. By the time the Dalai Lama walked into the room where he was, he said the Dalai Lama’s energy was so strong he stood there literally speechless.

David Hawkins has done extensive work on mapping human consciousness. In his research, he says that a person on the most basic level of spiritual energy positively impacts 800,000 people who are stuck in “normal” levels of thought and awareness. And that’s just the most basic level!

It’s easy to look at the all the problems, greed, ignorance, corruption, and cruelty in the world and think you can’t do much to change it. But all of these things are expressions of where people are at in their awareness. So while you can’t go out and personally change everything, on a vibrational level you can make a profound difference. Truly – the more aware you become as a byproduct of doing your inner work, the higher your frequency becomes which has an increasingly positive effect on other people. It’s like, as this video explores, life’s deck is stacked in favor of spiritual awareness and every effort you make helps to evolve others. Isn’t that awesome and motivating?

Time to roll them sleeves up!

Jamie Smith -

I’m game. I’ve been playing the wake up and work through the conditioned response game for quite some time now… and it’s really cool to see how the sometimes tedius and uncomfortable ‘work’ eventually leads to true healing and grace. And yet, I can see my edges where I am not fully allowing myself to see all that is possible for my life, lingering inside a narrower field of vision. So I see my next layer of work! The fun is endless!!! Ha ha. And Two things : I AM [the movie} and The Field [The book] come to mind… love you R