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Be Gentle


Everyone is walking around with so much in their hearts.

You never know what the person you’re passing, or a person who’s being guarded, demanding, needy, quiet, or hard to get ahold of, is going through.

It’s easy, in an automatic pilot sort of way, to judge. But judgment is a scapegoat – a way to dismiss when we don’t understand where the other is coming from. The truth though is that it’s not necessarily important that we understand. It’s important that we are kind because judgment makes the world a harsher place… and none of us want that.

Be gentle with yourself, with others.

See through eyes of compassion how much pain people are in, how deeply life is reaching to each of us to help us grow, and how challenging that can be. Appreciate how much courage it takes nearly everyone just to get up in the morning and face the day with our chins up.

Every one of us has vulnerable places in our psyche, soft underbellies we are scared to show for fear of others being harsh. Be kind. Be gentle.

We all grow with love.