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How to Transform Ebb to Flow


Manifestation is all about consistently generating the energy you want to have reflected back to you. It’s doing the things, thinking the thoughts, and generating the feelings that match the vitality, opportunity, relationships, inspiration, connection, and financial abundance you want to show up.

Sometimes when we find ourselves in ebb, it’s a necessary moment within life’s overall rhythms, like pruning a rose bush. But just as often it’s because we’re unwittingly showing up in a way that’s causing these results. You can’t control life. You can’t make flow happen all the time. But you can certainly do your part to give things a boost and steer the energy in your life in favorable ways. How? Like this…

1. Stuck = Clogged 

If you feel stuck (a.k.a. blocked, uninspired, resistant, fatigued, receiver of few opportunities, steward of dwindling bank account) I’m willing to wager it’s because you have so many unfinished loose ends and/or are so resisting doing what needs to be done in your life that it’s created a damn, blocking the flow of vital energy in your life. You feel stuck not because YOU are stuck, but because your field is clogged with the buildup of loose ends and resistance.

The antidote? Make a to-do list of your unfinished business – personal, domestic, business, creative – and get to work. When I find myself in moments of major ebb this is the first thing I do. As much as I like to think of myself as a do-er who completes things, I’m often humbled at how many things I’ve let accumulate, let alone straight up avoided. But once I get cranking on completing things, I find that within a week or two the tides have completely turned in my life. I feel more energized, opportunities begin to bloom, and often my bank account looks a whole lot more robust.

Recommended reading: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

2. Stuck = Overstretched

Everyone has a well of energy to draw upon. You do things that fill you up so you have energy to pull from to live your life. If you find that your loose end to-do list is actually quite short yet you’re still feeling ebb, then you may fall into the camp of people who overstretch themselves to such a degree that they only stop when they literally can’t. move. another. inch.

Solution? Slow down. Stop doing. Pull way back. And take a deep, delicious, restorative break such as…

Take yourself to a hot spring for a night, soak, sleep 15 hours a day, walk outside, read a fantastic novel, drink wine, and let your energy reserves build up. Or, how about shutting off all your electronics for a day, a weekend with no plans other than to do what feels good in the moment, getting into nature for a couple days, riding your bike around town looking for synchronistic adventures as if you’d just moved there, drinking tea and laughing with a friend, going to a double header movie, spending the afternoon in your garden napping, or having a t.v. series marathon? Name of the game: recharge.

Recommended reading: Succulent Wild Woman by SARK

3. Love yourself up in a way that makes you feel amazing

You want your life to work. You wouldn’t be reading this if that wasn’t the case. And you wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t want to improve the quality of energy, flow, and vitality in your life. This means that whether you’d consciously say so or not – you love yourself. As an expression of your self-love, you want to feel amazing and have your energy to soar, right? Right. So let’s talk about boosting your self care to swoon-worthy levels, shall we?

I wrote a missive with lots of energizing, feel-good self care ideas here. But the punch line most folks who are experiencing ebb need to look at is… You need to move your body every day.

Your body’s made to hunt, gather, chop wood, carry water. It wants to move. I am the lady who power walks around the neighborhood with 3 lb. hand weights. I also sometimes do yoga classes online, BodyRock, which is intense but takes just 20 minutes, ride my cruiser around town, and have dance parties at home. Your ego may try to sabotage you with a it’s got to be a 90 minute workout or nothing at all approach but the middle path of consistent, simple movement of whatever variety you’re willing to do is really all it takes to bring greater vitality to both your physical body and to your life.

Check out: BodyRock, YogaGlo, Ballet Beautiful

4. Speak to life from your heart

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. But from time to time you know, deep in your gut, something big needs to change. You’re feeling of stuckness in this moment is a guttural, soul-level craving that’s not being met and it’s taking everything you’ve got just to cope with how things currently are.

Dramatic? Possibly. But sometimes it feels dramatic when the life we’re living isn’t meeting our deep needs. In this case it’s time to go out into nature, climb up a hill to see an expansive view, head into the woods, or wherever else you feel deeply connected, and speak to life from your heart and say what you truly want.

When I lived in L.A. I reached this point. I went up into the hills of Santa Barbara, and asked life to bring me regular access to forests and a deep spiritual community that I could be a participant in. I had no idea how this would happen. But within a year and a half, through a series of synchronicities, I had moved back up to SF and I very much have these two things in my life. We forget that life is our partner. It’s for us, not against us. If we speak from our heart, give life some time to deliver, and follow the signs were given, there’s no situation we can’t evolve into.

5. Honor the rhythms & tides

Relax. Stop focusing on problem, what you don’t have or aren’t getting, and generating fear. Stop thinking yourself into a corner and feeling bad about your life. To everything there is a season. Ebb and in-between moments are essential to your overall flow because they give a space to pause, re-evaluate, and redirect your energies.

I’ve had moments where I’ve done every conceivable flow-inducing thing and not much changed for awhile. Sometimes that’s just how it is. There’s a timing greater than we understand. Cycles more vast than our minds can grasp. Sometimes life is trying to move us in a new direction we’ll only see and be receptive to when what we’re familiar with is removed. Sometimes you’ve put out new intentions and life needs a moment to catch up. And sometimes you need a bit of challenge to develop faith, patience, and the ability to see what’s positive and keep showing up even when you don’t seem to be getting what you want.

Recommended reading: Loving What is by Byron Katie & The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hahn

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