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Alli | Yuba River Maternity Photo Shoot


Alli is a warm, creative, fiery, fun, loving, and spiritual woman. The intention she brought to this photo shoot was to mark her rite of passage from maidenhood to mother, honoring the ceremony of moving into a new chapter in her life.

We went to her favorite place on the Yuba River, with the clouds literally parting as we drove there, and had ourselves a fabulous afternoon. And our timing could not have been better as two weeks later her little one entered the world.

Here’s what she had to say about the experience after she saw her pictures…

Thank you for the wonderful experience. I haven’t had a lot of time to process it since little Cedar came so quickly, but as I go through the photos I see how you really facilitated a space for the kind of rite of passage I was seeking. I feel like I was so much more prepared for the journey through labor and into motherhood after spending some time stepping through the emotional and energetic portals there on the Yuba.

I think you’ll see her intention to welcome this rite of passage as you look through her images…

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