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A Year of Solution


Resolutions that focus on details like going to the gym three times a week don’t fire me up enough to follow through. I wish they did, buy they just don’t. As I’ve gotten older, I see that I need to feel excited about expansion to get moving. Like feeling inspired to manifest something that will nourish my soul, spread my wings, and make me feel like I’m evolving as a spirit. Something like learning to lead and speak from my heart. Strengthening my relationship with Spirit. Being brave and expressive when my habit would be to hide. Or letting go of my habitual perspectives, opening my mind, and looking at things with fresh eyes.

These examples – all of which have been my intentions in previous years – are simple enough to say, but they’re not easy to learn to do… which is what fires me up enough to keep them at the forefront of my attention.

Each year I choose my theme by noticing what part of my life is asking for evolution. For instance, the year I wanted to learn to see things from a new perspective was prompted by my desire to be in a relationship. When I looked at my patterns there, I saw I was tangled up in old stories and naivety that was keeping me from experiencing the kind of fulfillment I wanted. Clearly I needed to learn to see things differently if I wanted a new result. So I went about my dating and non-dating life asking myself “How can I see this differently?” and by the time that year ended I was much more able to perceive when my view was stuck, rigid, or limiting, and shift to a more empowering perspective.

When considering what to focus on this upcoming year, I noticed a theme bubble up to the surface – the habit of focusing on problem. It’s seemingly automatic and almost immediately leads to feeling stuck and limited. It comes up with virtually every topic – relationship, health, finances, work, you name it – but unless I consciously decide to focus on solution, my default setting is to focus on problem. What a dead-end!

So this year’s theme is to focus on solution.

Can you think of anything in your life that would not benefit from having this be your guiding intention? Me either. So I’m going to practice bringing it to every moment, consideration, and opportunity. I’m going to ask myself, like a mantra, “What’s a solution here?” (I always have a simple mantra like this for my yearly intention so I can remember each day to practice with it.) And I guarantee by this time next year I’ll be much better at perceiving and moving towards solution than I am now. Hallelujah!

An additional blessing is that Darren and I are doing this together. Already it’s been useful when one of us notices the other complaining or veering towards poor me territory to interject with: So what’s a solution here? Instant turn around!

I’m excited for the possibilities that this intention brings – the change in perspective and approach, the transforming of walls to doors, the flow, the empowering lessons, the openings.

What’s your theme or intention for 2014? Something wildly empowering, I hope!

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