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You Do Know What You Want. You Just Have to Muster Up the Courage to Say It


I loved Christmas when I was a kid and wrote a lengthy list to Santa each year asking for what I wanted. It was an exciting process of letting my imagination run wild with desire. And the wonderful part was that I often got what I asked for, and then some.

I believed in magic then and I continue to believe that life is magical now. I believe that life is for us and that spirit is listening and responding to me (and all of us) and if I ask for what I want either that or something better will come, or I’ll be given a refining bit of insight or direction that will help me better focus my desire.

I have experimented with this a lot. I have written down lists of things I need, furniture down to the exact inch of what I’m looking for, qualities in people I’m want to connect with, opportunities I’m hoping for, lessons I want to learn, and specific goals for an upcoming time period.

Without fail – these things have come. And often the process of synchronicity that brought them into my life was just as fulfilling as the actual manifestation.

Giving yourself permission to own what you want and say it is hugely empowering. And the deeper you go into your heart and intuition to access your core desires, the more empowering this process can be.

What holds you back? Shame, embarrassment, fear that you won’t get what you want anyhow so why bother, insecurity about what others will think, a looming sense that you’re breaking some old, carved in stone agreement about who you’re allowed to be by having what you want?

There are things I’ve wanted that were easy to say because I had no emotional interference come up. Like when I told you about how I manifested my cat.

But there have been plenty of other things I’ve wanted that I’ve had a hard time claiming for myself. And you know what? Mostly they don’t happen because my energy is aligned with fear and resistance… until I see what I’m doing and get out of my own way.

Courage is acknowledging the fear-based thoughts and feelings swirling in you and, in this case, saying what you want anyhow. Even if it first comes out as a squeak.

It’s then saying what you want with more conviction and letting your energy become focused by your desire. It’s keeping your antennae up to receive inspiration from your muse about what you may need to do to assist in the manifestation. And it’s staying open and trusting life to bring what you want or something better about.

If you were to zoom forward a year in your life, what would be grateful to have whole-heartedly said you want now? Even if you don’t know how it will come about, say it, write it, sing it from the hilltops anyhow. You have nothing to lose and quite possibly everything to gain.


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