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Sige | Studio Portrait Shoot


Sige is a goddess with a vision and the focus to bring her visions to life. I’ve known her for over 10 years and I have always been inspired by how powerfully she explores herself and life, and how this parlays into her amazing manifestation abilities. For instance, when she contacted me about wanting to do this photo shoot she said she couldn’t do it until she found the dress she saw in her mind’s eye for it. We hung up the phone and within the hour she saw it in a store she passed by!

You may think the images I take, or any photographer takes, just happen. Maybe that’s how some people roll, but my process comes from intention and collaboration. Specifically, it’s an alchemical blend of my intentions of self-love, self-acceptance, beauty, expression, & depth with each woman’s intention. To help women get ready for this, I send a questionnaire ahead of time and one of the questions is about intention. Sige responded that she wanted to explore the Queen archetype and shared these words to elaborate. I think you’ll very much be able to see how they come through in what we created… and why the dress she called to her was just the thing she needed.

The Queen stands tall.
She walks with grace.
She is humble
She leads with her heart.

The Queen is clear about what she desires.
She does not seduce to attract attention.
She does not manipulate to get her way.
She is centered and grounded.
She embodies a powerful silence and stillness.
She sets boundaries with directness and compassion.
The clarity of her intention is her most powerful tool.

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Lisa -

I love the subtle shift in mood when you switched backgrounds. Her back is so alluring, the more layers or wraps of fabric… The more mystery and femininity! A goddess for sure; you are a talented photographer 🙂

Robin Clark -

Yes, the feminine is mysterious, isn’t it? Thanks for your positive feedback & kind words!