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In a World With So Much Going On – Choose to Be a Light


A Star is Born

Making the choice to be positive is you taking a stand. It’s deciding to stop hanging in the shadows and going along with what everyone else is putting out there (you’re not here to play small and scared, right?) and to instead take a position in who you’re showing up as and CHOOSING to be a light.

Deciding to be a light means things like…

Seeing the good in others and life, being honest and positive in your communications, sharing beauty, focusing on solution instead of problem, doing work that empowers, being generous, kind, and accepting, being grateful for all that you have, and expressing yourself in a way that inspires and elevates.

But it could mean so much more depending on your particular brand of magic. Things like having a home/yard filled with warmth and beauty that nourishes people when they come over. Being a great listener, making those around you feel heard. Letting your creativity and beauty fly in a way the elevates you and inspires those you know to do the same. Sharing your ideas in a way that empowers others to be more clear and confident. You get the idea:

You + positivity = magic!

One place I’ve had a great opportunity to practice this is in the grand social experiment called Facebook. After I was on it for a bit, I took an inventory of what I saw going on there, which was people using it in all sorts of ways. I decided I didn’t want to be another source of sinister news updates, snarky social commentary, or personal drama. I wanted to be a source of beauty, elevation, creativity, light, humor, fun, joy, awareness, and upliftment. From that point on I filtered my participation with this intention in mind and I’ve got to say – it’s made my time there a lot of fun.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we each make a huge impact on the people and the world around us. The degree to which this is true is something that’s hard to comprehend because it extends out so far, and in ways we’ll never really know. But we each know the impact an unkind action has had on us, as well as the impact of someone’s genuine warmth.

What you contribute, who you show up as, what you say, how you approach people, what sort of vibe you put out there matters because you have the capacity to light others up in your own magical way that’s unlike what anyone else would offer… and people really need (and want) the boost.

Shine bright!

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