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Video: Really Nervous Woman Wow-ing the Crowd With Her Singing

I’m a sucker for every singing-related post I see on Facebook. Lots are good but sometimes I click on one that really stands out from the rest – like this one.

This woman is sooo nervous I want to hug her. If you’ve ever sang in front of a group of people who are going to critique your singing, then you may know some of what this feels like. I’ve done it and I don’t know if there’s anything quite as effective as taking you straight to the core of your insecurity as this (nor as effective as helping you move through it). Sensing this, I think a lot of people who would enjoy pursuing singing choose not to because it’s just so dang vulnerable.

But then again, being vulnerable is what makes people loveable. If you’ve got something you dream of doing but you don’t because you’re scared, watch this. I found it so inspiring I sat here in front of my computer crying for/with her. If there was ever proof that you should go after your dreams regardless of how you feel, this is it.


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