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Want to Bring More Magic Into Your Life? Do One Thing a Day For Someone Else.


I believe in magic.

What would life be without it? That thrilling zing. That electric YES that happens when…

You’re a participant in: random acts of kindness, unexpected awesome synchronicities, connections that blow your skirt up, the Parking Gods smiling on you with a VIP spot, wishes being answered, being shown the missing jigsaw puzzle piece that makes it all come together, or being given a really clear sign right when you were about to give up.

These moments make me feel alive and elated, like I’m getting a big smooch from the universe. And maybe I am!

Indulge me in my magical thinking, but not only do I believe in magic, I believe this world needs WAY more of it. Don’t you?

Well if you do, then I implore you to try this on and run with it: Do one thing a day that’s for someone else and doesn’t directly benefit you.

Because when you think about it, a LOT of the uplifting magic that’s come into your life has been because of someone else. Someone hooking you up with a new connection that opened doors to work or love. Someone giving you a bolt of inspiration that showed you the next step on your path. Someone opening their heart in such a way that walls you didn’t even know you had came down.

We’re all Fairy Godmothers/fathers. We just get so preoccupied with our own lives and forget to take out our wands and *zap* some joy and kindness into other people’s lives. You know, giving someone… A compliment. A listening ear. Support for something they’re doing. An extra hand. Direct and loving eye contact. A nice email just to say Hi, I love you. A picture of the two of you from long ago you know they don’t have. A valentine in October. Flowers for no reason. Money in an expired meter. A hug. A night out someplace you know they’ll love.

You get it – it could be anything. So what if you did something like this once a day? If you consider that you get what you give, then you could see this as padding your law-of-attraction bank account with some seriously great karma cash. And you are. But that’s secondary to the big pay-off which is that it feels great to be a generous, magical person.

Because this is my Monday coaching post I’ll add this to your food for thought: A lot of people seek out coaches because they want to get something done in their lives whether it’s a personal, creative, or professional goal and that’s awesome. BUT it can also become a bit myopic. Like a tunnel-vision “what I need to do for me” chant that makes people take themselves verrrry seriously. And after awhile they burn out or rebel because they don’t want to be all work and no play. I get it! I don’t like working all the time either.

So… what if one of the ways out of the trap of the work-all-the-time-do-it-all-yourself-American-dream is to lighten yourself up through being intentionally magical and not just a worker bee all the time? What if that door you open to give to others actually stays open to bring more sweetness to you?

Have at it and see for yourself. Pixie dust and all!

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