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Introducing Bloglovin', in Case You're Not Already Using It

I’m almost afraid to tell you about it’s so good. So good at sucking your time away into the blog-o-sphere, that is!

I gave it a test drive for the past few weeks to see how I liked it and I gotta say – it’s well designed, clean in its aesthetic, and does just what it aims to do: give you an organized place to read the blogs you like.

What’s cool about it is that instead of having you look at a visually unpleasing downgraded version of a blog, it takes you to the blog’s site so you get to read the post as it was intended to be seen.

It has other features like being able to mark things as read, put blogs in categories, easily search for new blogs you might like, and receive a daily email showing you what posts the blogs you subscribe to have put out that day. Tre cool!

If you’re already using it, consider yourself in the know and congratulate yourself by watching this bit of playful, musical fun. If you’re not using it but you like to follow blogs, check it out – I think you’ll like it.

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