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If You’re Always Full of What You Want to Do, You Don’t Leave Much Room for the New to Show Up


I love the “end the glorification of busy” sentiment that’s going around.

But just as big of a roadblock to our openness and well-being is feeling like you always have to know what your plan is.

I believe art is a microcosm of life and if you’ve ever tried to create something you’ve seen/heard in your mind you know that 98% of the time, whatever you imagined morphs during the creation process into something else. Remnants of the original seed may be there, but if you hold that starting point too tightly you block the flow and everything starts feeling dry and stagnant. If you want the delicious flow of inspiration to flow through you, you have to loosen up.

Life is just like this. So why do we try to cram our type-A plans down life’s throat? Like being endlessly busy, I think the glorification of knowing what you’re about and having your plans all sorted is a defense against vulnerability. We mistakenly think if we have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed we can control the outcome to be just what we want.

But what if life has a better, yummier, more interesting plan for us? Can we leave enough room in our minds and lives to let this in?

Whether you’re a flexible, spontaneous. open to life type OR a perfectionist who’s already filled out your social media and blog schedule for the next 6 months – it’s all the same. Either way there’s a persona and lifestyle you’re identified with. But what if life sweeps into your world and throws you an opportunity that requires you to majorly shift gears in your approach. Can you be open to that? Can you trust big enough to step into the great unknown and really embrace something new?

Try it on. Make some room in your life for the new. Let yourself evolve. Your plans may make you feel safe or purposeful, but being open to the surprising inspiration of the mystery is where the juice is at, even (and perhaps especially) if it requires that you show up in a new way.