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Have the Courage to Have the Hard Conversations

You know the feeling when a thought, feeling, concern, or intuition just won’t leave you alone and you know you need to speak about it – yes?

If you do, then you also know the mix of anxiety, dread, and fear that can rise up in response to this insight and how much easier it can feel to avoid the whole thing and go do something else.

Avoidance can feel like the path of least resistance but it’s not because that nagging insight keeps swooping into your awareness reminding you that to some part of you this topic is important and you need to speak about it. That, in fact, your life is to some degree on hold if you don’t have this conversation because a part of you is literally trapped by you withholding speaking about it.

But maybe even still you’re not convinced and fear of what’s behind the unspoken door or fear of what speaking about it will cause keeps you from using your words. In this case you’ve probably become familiar with the various physical manifestation and bodily symptoms that can arise when you’re avoiding having one of these truth-session conversations. The electrical, plumbing, or heat functions of your house going awry. Getting a flat tire or traffic ticket. Break outs, digestive issues, sore throats, yeast infections, hair loss, etc.

cour•age (noun)

1. The ability to do something that frightens one.
2. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

Life isn’t full of guarantees. You can’t know what will happen if you speak up. But if you have a reoccurring thought or feeling that won’t leave you alone, then you have to trust that the intelligence that’s guiding you to speak has the resolution worked out. You simply need to play your hand.

This can look so many ways. Maybe a part of you has something it needs to express to your conscious mind and you need to take a long bath and then go sit in front of the mirror and let this part of you speak to you. Maybe you sense something’s off in a relationship and you need to bring this up. Maybe you have a habit of not asking for what you need in a certain part of your life and the ongoing feeling of disappointment is guiding you to start making clear requests. The list goes on. The point is:

Energy is like a river and wants to move. And it’s often through our words that we create pathways for this energy to move. Fear has a contracting effect and when we withhold expression due to fear we energize this constricting energy in our lives. As scary as it can feel, when our intuition is guiding us to speak, we need to take a deep breath, set fear aside, trust the outcome, and let the words come out.

• What are you proud of having said in the past that took courage to say?
• What do you need to say now?
• Who can you look to as a role model to inspire you to speak and live more courageously?

Sivitri -

Thank you. Exactly what I’m going through right now.

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Struggling with this right now