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Fiery Forward Movement Has Nothing to Do With Fear


You (which is every one of us, myself included) speak about your direction, your goals, what you’re doing, what you’re excited about, what you’re taking a risk with, what you’re moving towards. Your conversation is moving, alive, fiery ….and then…. gradually yet undeniably your words start to sound watery. You back peddle. You offer excuses. You complain of feeling stuck yet present your perceived limitations and fears as truth. BUT YOU DON’T KNOW this is happening because you haven’t noticed that you moved from FIRE to WATER, that you’ve shifted from CREATION to ONE OF YOUR STORIES.

When we’re in creation we have spark. Even if you’re scared there’s bright, moving energy.

When we’re in one of our stories we sound watery and heavy. When we choose to be run by fear and the more we give into it the more we have a blah, confused/unclear energy.

I invite you to have a truth session with yourself. Where is story influencing and/or sabotaging your creation?

If you’re not sure, notice… what you keep complaining about. Where you get stuck. What you were considering doing right before you went into one of your distractions. What you say you want that you keep putting off. What you want that you keep talking yourself out of wanting. Somewhere in there is your story (or stories) that are blocking the flow of your creative energy.

The beautiful thing with this is: you don’t have to DO anything about your story (figure it out, beat yourself up for it, etc.). You just have to notice it’s there, let it go, come back to the creative fire in you that wants to move you, and take a decisive step forward.

More on this coming soon. For now…

Shine on beautiful diamond!

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