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What Happens to A Woman's Sense of Self and Feeling of Pride When She's Diagnosed With Cancer?

This video MOVED me. I sat in front of my computer with tears streaming down my face. Nobody wants to talk about cancer. It’s uncomfortable and makes everyone silently pray that it won’t happen to them. But, let’s be real – it DOES happen. It’s happens to people we know, it happens to people we love, it happens to ourselves. It’s part of life and it’s scary.

This video that Sue Bryce and Haley Bartholomew made about Jill, a 32 year old woman who was married for only 3 months when she lost both breasts to breast cancer, is MOVING. Now she’s 35 and has been diagnosed with incurable stage 4 bone cancer.

What would this do to how you feel about yourself if you learned this was your reality? Your sense of pride? Your sense of self? Your feeling of beauty and womanliness? I found this video so beautiful. It asks hard questions and shows things we mostly turn away from… because they’re scary, and real.

Watch, take it in, share it with the women in your life. It’s something we need to talk about and LOOK at a lot more. And yet… there is beauty wrapped up in all of it too. Watch and see.

To read a Huffington Post article on this click here.


Katie Welty -

Thank you. I had a double mastectomy 5 years ago at 35. It is still an experience that I am coming to terms with in many ways. Luckily I have a very supportive husband as well. It really does mean so much to know about other women’s experiences as well.

A beautiful film and a beautiful woman.

Thank you again,
Katie Welty

Robin Clark -

Hi Katie! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. That’s a really powerful and intense thing to go through at 35. I’m 35 and sitting here imagining being in your shoes at that time/age makes my heart ache. I’m so glad to hear you, like Jill, have an awesome, supportive husband. And you’re so right – it does help to hear about other women’s experiences both about cancer and all the things we go through that are difficult to talk about and share. xo