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Dare to Be Bold. You Never Know What Awesomeness Will Come of It!

Testing how this fabulous thing works. I hope amazingly. I want it to be a gorgeous extra embellishment. Maybe GREY!

This may truly be one of the best questions you can ask yourself.

I have a great BE BOLD story for you…

I have an awesome friend also named Robin who is one of my photography wing-women. When I was in LA in October doing a ton of portrait shoots she was my Goddessy assistant who brought her yummy calm to my shoots under the guise of holding my reflectors.

My interest and exploration in women’s portrait photography sparked something in her that made her have an A-HA moment and pick up her camera after some serious time of it being on her back burner.

And although that right here is bold creative action and evolution, it’s not THE bold part.

The boldness is that unlike Robin who went to photography school, I got my inspiration to begin exploring photography from watching Sue Bryce on creativeLIVE last March. After telling Robin about Sue, she soon found herself watching Sue’s workshops and being stirred by Sue’s electrifyingly inspiring and highly skillful teaching style. She watched, took it in, and started doing shoots for her daughter, her daughter’s friends, and other women in her life. They’re fantastic. And then (here it comes)…

She contacted Sue Bryce directly and is flying to Seattle this upcoming week to have Sue do a portrait shoot of her! Sue put out an offer for models and considering she’s in the top 10 highest Googled photographers who knows how many responses she got, but she said yes to Robin and now Robin’s going to get an amazing opportunity to learn and experience first hand from one of the people who has most inspired her!

So all I have to say to you is: WHAT IF! What if you reached out to the person you’d most want to learn from, most want to be mentored by, most wanted to be inspired by… what if? And how about the school you’d like to attend, the job you most dream of, the person who most makes your heart swoon? They might say yes. You might get to have an extraordinary life experience you wouldn’t otherwise have… simply because you dared to be bold.