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There is Nothing In Your Way. There is Nothing Stopping You.

It may be a paradigm shift for some of us to take this in, but the truth is: there is nothing stopping you from moving forward in your life. Life isn’t against you. It isn’t judging you. It isn’t testing you. It isn’t saying “when you’re good enough then you will have permission to express yourself, have what you want, evolve, grow, change, etc.”

You may have experienced all kinds of this sort of conditionality with PEOPLE in your life, but LIFE is not doing this to you. Life is an open field of fertile dynamic receptivity that not only WANTS you to engage, express, and experiment – it will respond with open arms to your efforts, encourage you on, and give you course corrections when needed so you can move in ways and move towards things that will really light your fire.

No, you think not? You think life is somewhere between stoic and harsh? You think that life is judging you, holding what you want at arms length from you and sometimes even laughing at your efforts? You think other people have it easier? You think how other people react to you IS life and if they’re not responding in ways that make you feel good that means you had better crawl back in your box?

Think again. All that drama is your past. It’s not now and it’s not where you’re heading.

Where you are, where we ALL are, is right here and now. The pains of the past are the PAST. They don’t define your now or your future… unless you have become so shaped by your reaction to and/or stories about them that you drag them along with you. Which you absolutely don’t have to do.

I know, easier said than done but then again… you’re a creator, not a victim. If your old perspectives don’t serve you, you CAN let them go. At any time you can shift, ZOOM OUT from your personal story, and view life on a broader level. You can see that life is FOR you, ENCOURAGING you, INSPIRING you, seeking to EMPOWER you. When you look at life from this wide-angle, you can see that vast opportunity abounds. And you can see that the more you have a positive, bright, possibility-oriented perspective the more of life’s possibilities will open to you. Smile at life and it will smile back.

None of this is to say that you haven’t experienced challenge. We all have. I have too. Really, truly, deep down – I get it. I get how painful those moments were, and how both shattering and defining they can be. But if you use your past challenges as an excuse or justification to believe that life isn’t for you, that life isn’t full of flow, inspiration, possibility, creative opportunity, pleasure, and fun, then you’re selling yourself really short. You’re basically saying: it was hard then so it’s hard now and it will keep being hard.

It sounds really beat-down and victimy when I say it that way but that’s where we’re at when we spin our stories of how we can’t move forward because of x, y, and z.

So try on the possibility that there’s nothing external or internal that’s stopping your ability to move forward in the way(s) that you’d most like. Start there. See it. Feel it. Keep trying it on. Because it’s the TRUTH… you’ve just got to start believing it. And oh man will you be a unstoppable force of fabulous light when you do.

Shine bright!